www.G-Clip.us: Repair loose outlet or switch, stripped damaged electrical box using the G-Clip

hi today we're going to repair this damaged electrical outlet as you can see it's no longer to secure it to the wall first thing I did was turn off power at the fuse box next I'm going to check the power at the outlet just to make sure that it's off and it is first thing I'm going to do is take off the cover plate next we'll look to see what's going on so we can see that the screws in this blue electrical box are stripped out and the outlet is no longer secured to the box normally what you might do in this situation is take out this blue box and install a new one but today we're going to use this product call it a g clip the G clip has a threaded interface point that slides onto the box and after it's installed you'll just screw this the screw from the outlet right into the G clip so I'm going to start installing the first one we want to do is line the G clip up over the hole in the outlet box so that it slides one right over the hole because both of these holes were stripped we'll install a second G clip at the lower location before you slide it on the whole way make sure that the G clip is lined up over the hole and then slide it in once both G clips are installed what you want to do is push down on the G clip a little bit so that the hole is lined up over the hole in the blue box and then get the screw started we'll get the lower screws started now you just run both spreads in to the cheek lips as you're screwing in the screws just make sure that the screws are going into the holes that are in the blue box otherwise the screws will try to pull the G clip back off of the box okay now the outlet is secured to the box again reinstall play cover and the job is done

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