Write a Thesis Proposal – a Step by Step Guide (Introduction. DTPC001CH00)

Write a Thesis Proposal – a Step by Step Guide (Introduction. DTPC001CH00)

I’m Preyan Mehta, a Professor who teaches
in Architecture and Interior Design by Occupation and an Architect by Profession. Students,
who are in their last semester, in India have to do a Thesis/ Dissertation to obtain their
Bachelor’s degree. When students are in their last semester, or before, the immediate
natural response when they hear about doing a Thesis/ Dissertation or while starting doing
it are, What is a Thesis/ Dissertation and Why MUST we
do it? A Thesis/ Dissertation, especially in the Spatial Design, is a Document which
represents two important aspects of Educational façade of the field- What did the students
learn in their 4/5 years of course and What can they give back to the Fraternity of the
field. This along with a further expansion, is the student’s further enquiries towards
the field, as we all know that Education is only a door to enter, once entered, it is
the student who needs to decide where they want to steer their career. What happens most of the time is, when students
enter their last semester it is already time to start writing/ doing the Thesis/Dissertation.
As a result, what happens is, students, PANIC. Because of the fact that they learn how to
write a proposal, how to do a thesis/ dissertation and doing it in the eventuality, all together
makes it really hard for the students to produce a quality dissertation/ thesis. If you are in the same boat, a student panicking
at the last moment, worry not. You’re at the right place. After going through all the
material- videos, images, texts, you’ll be stress free and will be able to concentrate
on the things that matter. Yes, you heard it right the last time. It
is this place, where you can stay as much as you want and learn as much as you want
and can. So, this place, will teach you step by step
how to write a thesis/ dissertation proposal. The entire course is segmented into chapters,
which acts like small individual modules, helping you to reach the end successfully.
Don’t worry, there is no exam. Here, you can move at your own pace, select your own
modules and or can use our well thought course of action, based on the evaluation of yours
through Knowledge checks and Assignments. Heard it right, we’ll have recommendations
based on your scores in those two parts and then it is on you to go ahead ignoring the
recommendation or take the recommendation and improve based on the analysis. Also, the
Knowledge checks and Assignments are techniques for us to understand you as an audience better
and improve our course everyday. So, what are you waiting for?
ENROLL NOW. It is free, yes it is free & online.

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  • Art of Educating

    July 24, 2019

    Due to some technical problems, the voice isn't that clear. Hence, kindly make sure
    1. to listen to this Course through Headphones or a good quality speakers
    2. turn on the subtitles

    Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience.


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