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production of broad & high' is funded in part by the greater columbus arts council supporting arts advancing culture and connecting a community to artists events and classes at columbusmakesart.com and PNC committed to Central Ohio for the achiever and new this time on broad & high' explore the latest interactive art exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art and this theme is about textiles we have a place where people can make their own insects out of different textiles and build and make and create we'll stop by the annual gifts of the craftsman sale in Grandview and a new coffee table book celebrates the culture and creativity of Columbus this and more right now on broad & high' hey everyone I'm Kate quickl and we're coming to you today from inside the beautiful cultural Art Center in downtown Columbus but our first story tonight takes us down the street to the Columbus Museum of Art back in 2011 the museum unveiled its new interactive wonder room it's an experimental art space where hands-on activities are featured prominently alongside great works of art it's all intended to foster imagination and encourage visitors to think about art by looking talking and making together the museum recently decided to reinvigorate the gallery and we had a chance to check it out oh well the wonder room is a special gallery in the heart of our Chase Center for creativity it's an experimental gallery that opened in 2011 and it's in this space that we think differently about what an art museum gallery can be and this seems it's about textiles the thing I love about textiles is they're pretty democratic everybody is comfortable with textiles everyone has clothing or rugs or blankets and you'll see a lot of those things in this space we commissioned for artists to create special installations for the space and of course their works are all based around textiles also Julia who's a Brooklyn artist is creating this amazing magical entry I kind of imagined like a portal to the rest gallery so a lot of it is acrylic kind of grandma quilts that people don't know what you know where they fit in their lives and I kind of want to show just the beauty in them that sometimes people pass by Kelly Martin is working behind me probably right now and she's Columbus face fashion designer and she's created a really interesting activity that people can work on to create their own fashion design I'm really excited because this project kind of brings out my more vibrant bright neon side I was told that the project is kind of a Mad Max meets gem in the Holograms which when I heard that I was like you get me this is my life I'm more mad max' now but a Houston ajumma in the hologram so the combination is perfect pretty ugly kind of what my whole vibe is anyway so the idea is to create shapes with different closures and connectors in order for the museum goers to come in and really use technical and creative thinking in order to put these pieces together to create garments on dress forms it is a bit of a challenge because in my mind I'm thinking about creating garments that go together perfectly but that's not the idea of this this is really to open up the mind of the person that's playing with the pieces in order to see what their idea of what a garment would be it doesn't even really have to be a garment it's kind of just covering the dress form in a creative way I really think that kids and adults are going to absolutely love it because you know everyone wears clothes so it'll be unique to see how they put it together I'm sure the kids are gonna love the colors a lot of neons but there's also a lot of metallics and a lot of cool metal trims and things like that that can really I think stimulate anyone's creativity for sure I am creating a giant textile spiderweb because I think I was a little bit inspired by a James and the Giant Peach you know the bugs hanging out and the Giant Peach and having a party and going on adventures and so and I love bugs and I also love textiles so I just I thought it would be a great medium to explore and I thought people would love making their own bugs too I'm also using a bunch of blankets and Poncho's that were actually my husband's grandmother's that she hand knit and so I kept all these blankets and I'm repurposing them in ways that would probably make her very angry because I'm tearing them apart and repurposing them there aren't spaces that have worked from the collection new commissioned works and interactive activities for people like all in the same space so it's pretty exciting it's a pretty exciting venue to work in so I feel pretty privileged to be able to do that I think the experience we want all visitors to have in every gallery is to really stop and take time to note really look at works of art and think about them right and so in the wonder room where we really change things up is to design the space intentionally to create this ah and wonder to promote curiosity where people really stop and say whoa what is that we're at the forefront of really learning about our visitors and understanding what they need what their expectations are for a great art museum visit so I think there are other museums doing this but I have to say I think the coments Museum of Art is the best learn more about the wonder room by visiting columbus museum org every holiday season the Ohio Craft Museum in Grandview hosts its gifts of the craftsman sale featuring handcrafted items designed by its members we followed two artists on their creative journey so we could share more with you about this beloved annual event well we're in the Grandview Heights area at the Ohio craft museum today throughout the year we have exhibitions of fine craft which are items made of wood clay glass fiber and metals but this time of the year we open up the entire museum space and turn it into one great shopping experience and we have something for everyone here today my my family is kind of Western and so there was Native beadwork hanging around the house and I was always really fascinated with it I think I just really liked all that super detailed stuff well it it's called offering bead weaving mean that I'm making fabric with beads without a loom it's a gourd stitch sometimes called peyote stitch because it was used for paving ceremony and that gourd stitch work yields this fabric made of beads sewn together the needle and thread that is just so fascinating I've always loved jewelry and big jewelry especially and I could make big earrings that don't weigh anything that are really sparkly and have good color and one of the reasons I really love it is the color relationships I have a minimum of three colors and anything that I have ever touched and so like choosing colors and letting grade kind of slowly and getting different effects with the color relationships is so fun I think one of the primary elements of what you're looking for in jewelry is like you're like this is me I like this this is my personal self-expression and then you know just check it over and see if you like the weight and the feel and if it makes you feel like yeah definitely then go for it and if it's well made that's awesome and if it's not I mean I want things do you want made so I make things well but if if you don't mind do you I was born and raised in Athens Greece and was brought to the United States as an immigrant in 1966 so it was nine years old so scratchboard is a technique that was developed about 200 years ago by a newspaper woman in France so it's a white clay covered board that has black ink over it by doing the drawing with white pencil then getting a knife and in my case a sharp knife and a glass of wine so I drink and play with knives and you scratch away the black to expose the white underneath so what you end up with is a black and white original illustration so I take a 200 year old process okay girl from the old world and I bring it into the 21st century growing up in America okay and I scan it into Photoshop and do a high-resolution scan and then I paint everything in Photoshop so I apply the color in Photoshop visual storytelling that's that's what my entire life is about everyone can relate to the piece because it says something to them I don't care if it has a Greek an ancient Greek meaning to it or a Greek landscape to it or an animal that everyone looks at it and sees a story we are so glad because you know we want to support our local art community and this gives us an opportunity to present it to the public because we have this space however I'd like to add that after the holidays we are still open and throughout the year we maintain three rooms here that are gift shops so some of these items will still be here for the rest of the year for those weddings and those birthdays and anniversaries the gifts of the craftsman sale is happening through December 23rd visit Ohio craft org for details when Alexia Winfield moved to Columbus a few years ago she set out to discover all the city had to offer her explorations led her to develop and publish to coffee table books that celebrate the culture and creativity of our central Ohio community here's a preview so I came to Columbus seven years ago and I was recruited to work for a bank in town and I knew nothing about Columbus I had no family I had no friends I was here for a little bit maybe a few weeks and look no I can't stay here like I hate it I hate Columbus like I can't equi me but after two years and living in pilaris I said you know what I have to move downtown I have to like just explore the city a bit more and I just started going places by myself I just started exploring and it's kind of fast forward I'm indent on for a few years and met and met my friends art studio and she had two coffee table books and nothing to do with Columbus just arts book and I was like you know what why don't we do a book about Columbus fashion art culture and she was like oh my gosh that's perfect and I'm the type of person like if I have an idea like I'm gonna execute it like there's just no if ands or buts about it we wanted this to be like a tour guide I pretty much created something I wish I had when I first got here I learned so much about the city through this book I was already in love with Columbus I have no plans of ever going anywhere else but through this book the way I'd look at it is that it really is a treasure map a visual treasure map of the city so we have two coffee table books there together of 550 pages so there are at least 250 pages each they're originally just supposed to be one book so with everything that we had and everything that the city has to offer it was hard to eliminate anything so we decided to books and the to book set is actually called immerse and in that is books explore and reveal so one of the great things about having it as a set is that when you put the books together as they're meant to be on the spine it reads Columbus against the two books and the two different colors black and white so the way I like to talk about it is that the books are meant you should go out and explore the city because there's so much to reveal and you're really going to have the most immersive journey if you are able to you know leaf through both of them I want people to understand just like there is just so many different life styles that you can have when you come to Columbus and I made a conscious decision when I moved here is like I want a certain lifestyle and I'm gonna make that happen in Columbus I don't have to be in LA I don't have to be in New York I can have that lifestyle in Columbus and that's what I do I really think there is something for everyone in these books whether you've been a longtime resident or you're a transfer like our founder Alexia that we really talk in a way about these places and really show them visually in a way that you may not have seen or even thought to experience that way before it's taken us two and a half years to get here but we're super proud of the work that we've done and we're excited to kind of show the world what Columbus has to offer learn more about the Columbus book project and find out where you can purchase your own copy at Columbus book project comm so the artists in this next story also has a coffee table book of kittens we here at broad & high' love our four-legged furry friends and so does photographer Sara Beth Earnhardt her subjects are simply adorable I just say that my work is fun and modern it's very bright and colorful and I feel like it's very real very honest I really try to capture the personality and spirit of my subjects I never set out to be a pet photographer I came about it very organically I've always been an animal lover and I went to school for graphic design and through that job I kind of got into photography professionally and I started photographing kids and families and weddings and discovered that wasn't really for me so I started volunteering with some pet rescues and that got me involved with other pet businesses and a group from there it was a part-time thing and now it's full-time and I love it hope you do do you want to have a treat coming into the studio is a very strange experience for a lot of animals and they do tend to be kind of excitable or nervous just kind of having a routine helps keep the sessions going smoothly and animals is on a much different communication level and they're not always going to do what you want them to do be nice I love my clients relationships with their pets their pets are their children in a sense and it's such a sweet and a very short-lived relationship which I think it makes them embrace it a little more because they know they only have a short amount of time and a big part of what I do is end-of-life photography sessions for terminally ill and elderly pets just seeing the relationships that these people have had it's the best part of what I do is really the owners and the interacting and hearing about all of their wonderful experiences with their pets we did a photo shoot I think like five years ago and it was in the fall I remember because then we did our Christmas cards our pets are our kids basically I mean we don't have children we love them they're a huge part of our lives it seems like it would be unnatural to me not to have professional photography of our animals sometimes I think about what I do and I just have to laugh because I this is what I do I photographed pets and so many people that I meet are like oh my gosh you have my dream job oh I'd love to do this I think from the outside people think that it's really just playing with animals all the time and it's so much work but the hour that I get to spend with some amazing animal makes all the rest of it totally worth it and no no I can't imagine doing anything else rooted in tradition and ceremony tribal regalia and dancing are important parts of Native American culture hundreds of dances exist performed by tribes across the United States our friends at twin city PBS in Minnesota bring us this next story that explores the meaning history and regalia of three unique Native American dances I love to dance because it gives me so much life when I dance I feel uplifted rejuvenated and I feel a sense of pride when I dance that I really represent where I come from and my family and my tribe the symbols on my outfit and all these designs are designs that I made and so it's just a really good feeling when I started dancing I was probably about 17 I was just a senior in high school my mom helped me buy my first outfit and then I kind of just started dancing from there this one right here this is actually the first outfit I made kind of means a lot more to me than the others because I made this one with my mom this one is my latest has a like a lot of detail on it took a long time to complete these are Pawnee stars they're like the tribal symbol and then this is just like a tepee design that I kind of came up with it feels really good to dance and to know that everything that I am wearing every design is like made by me it just makes it that much more meaningful [Applause] the grass dance is one of the older styles of dance back when tribes would come to a new place to make an encampment they would have these songs and they would dance in a certain way to lay the grass down when they would leave that encampment that grass would come back up it would almost be like they were never there I was a very young girl I want to say three or four were my earliest memories of dancing when I was maybe 10 years old my cousin's they danced fancy shawl and I danced jingle and it's shown itself to me in a spiritual sense that that's the style of dance that I'm supposed to stick with this dress represents healing in life and is a tool that we were given as initiative a people to bring healing to the community one thing that the jingles are said to do are to send out that vibration and anji to you know loosen up that whatever sickness that is being targeted and thought of him prayed for and to pull it through the cone and then once they're clashing that they drop a bat – that cygnus behind you there's two styles of jiggle dress there's the original style and there is the second style which is contemporary which has a lot more intricate footwork but the style that I dance is original really simple elegant steps you know to the beat of the drum people have approached me and told me that I look like I'm floating I've been dancing since the time I could walk I've always danced woman's traditional style of dance I wear a broad o'clock dress I really like to keep my dresses looking traditional our dance clothes and our dances are really important and are really sacred to us the style of dance honors the returning home of the warrior while he was off in a way on hunting expeditions or in battle the reason why I danced the style of dance is because I really like to remember my ancestors especially the women and to show their strength and the courage that they had how olds have become Universal among all tribes so I'm just really thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the circle dancing it helps me focus things and brings me a lot of happiness and gives my family life it's very important to learn the history and to pass that on to my kids and keep that tradition alive and so we don't lose it [Applause] that's our show remember you can revisit all of our stories at wosu.org as well as on the WSU public media mobile app and be sure to follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram thanks for watching be sure to join us back here next week with more great stories on broad and high production of broad & high' is funded in part by the greater columbus arts council supporting arts advancing culture and connecting a community to artists events and classes at columbusmakesart.com and PNC committed to central Ohio for the achiever in new you

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