Why FB4 is the right choice for lighting designers

Why FB4 is the right choice for lighting designers

3 Reasons why lighting designers should get
into lasers with FB4 Hello! My name is Lyra Letourneau and I’m the creative
director for Pangolin Laser Systems, and today we are going to discuss a few reasons why
if you are a lighting designer interested in getting into lasers, it’s a good idea
to go with Pangolin’s FB4 Media server system. First off lets discuss where all lighting
designers are going to want to start when they first get their FB4 equipped laser projector,
and that is directly from a console, this can be done over either DMX or Artnet directly
to the laser itself. On the back of the Laser we can do all of
our addressing and mode selection, as well do all of our Artnet network settings, its
even easy to daisy chain either your DMX or Artnet from the back of this Clubmax 6000. Then, using the included 1500 cues on the
SD card from factory, you can patch the fixture in your console, and program the laser just
like any standard lighting fixture, but with more then just gobos. Imagine a moving head video projector that’s
actually bright and fast! Now what happens if you become bored with
the 1500 cues we have included? Well because FB4 is within the same system
and family of products as our software control, we can use either Quickshow for FREE or Beyond
to create our own shapes, animations and gobos, this really opens up the potential of your
laser system, allowing you to create the exact effects you want, and then easily upload those
to the SD card on the FB4 so you can keep using the laser from your console without
having to change your programming and operational procedures! You can even have laser designers design and
create content and give you a simple file set which can be uploaded to your FB4 so you
can use custom content on your tour or shows without changing a thing about how you use
your equipment! Now let’s say you want to take it to the
highest level there is, and you want only the best out of your laser system. You will want to use BEYOND Server, basically
this uses our BEYOND software as a Processing unit to run incredible amounts of lasers,
and gives the ability to create content on the fly, have individual control of each laser,
and implement all of that from one lighting desk. All of the huge laser array systems you have
seen, use BEYOND server for their control and it is becoming a favorite control solution
for the biggest tours around! And the best part? This runs off the same FB4 equipped laser
you started off with from basic direct control! No need for upgrades to your control system
and setup. As you can see, the best option for laser
control, which gives you the most versatility and room to grow is Pangolin’s FB4 Media
Server equipped laser projectors. If you have any questions about how this system
works, or are interested in getting pricing on lasers and control, shoot us an email at
[email protected], or [email protected] and we will be there to help you! Thanks for watching the video! And we hope you join the pangolin family. If you are interested in our products or lasers
in general, you can follow us on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or here on YouTube. All those links are below!

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