hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel so in this video I’m going to be sharing with you guys my whole house
cleaning routine this is basically my weekly cleaning routine that I do one
day out of the week typically on a Monday and today is a Monday so I hope
that you guys enjoy this video it will be an all day clean with me lots of
cleaning motivation and inspiration for you guys real quickly before we get
started with this video I wanted to share with you guys the online learning
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let’s get right into my whole house cleaning routine I hope that you guys
enjoy okay so the first thing that I did was
to tidy up my bedroom and make my bed and like I said this is going to be my
whole housecleaning routine I do this once a week on a Monday and basically my
whole housecleaning routine is where I just go through the whole house and
clean every single room sweep the floors mop the floors get all of the laundry
done and just get the whole house spotless clean I’ll usually clean out
the fridge and all of that type of stuff that way I have a spotless clean house
ready for the week and then all I have to do every morning is just do a quick
tidy up throughout the whole house it just helps my week to go so much better
when I can start it off with a clean house and getting all of the laundry
done I’m going to go ahead and get my first
of many loads of laundry started here and I’m using the ever spring brand of
laundry soap from Target and then the method brand a fabric softener after I
get this first load started I will sort through the rest of these clothes so
that they are ready to go for the second load next room I’m going to tidy up is
the living room and then the dining room area and then we will start working on
at the kitchen and as far as dusting the house I only do that about every two
weeks I used to be able to do that every single week before I had kids and before
I got so busy now it only happens about every two weeks or sometimes even longer
than that okay so now I’m working on cleaning up
this kitchen and washing all of these dishes the dishes always seem to pile up
after a busy weekend but throughout the week after I do this whole housecleaning
I try to just wash the dishes as I use them after each meal or after or while
I’m cooking or while I’m baking after you’re done using something just go
ahead and wash it right away and then things don’t stack up so quickly like
they did here for example in this video and I don’t use the dishwasher I just
wash all of my dishes by hand since the dishwasher doesn’t really get the dishes
very clean but the dishwasher does come in handy when you have a limited counter
space I could just put the dishes in there to drain stay tuned here on my channel be sure
that you’re subscribed because next Saturday’s video will be an announcement
video that I am finally sharing with you guys and I’m so excited so be sure that
you’re subscribed with the notification bell turned on so that you don’t miss
next Saturday’s video some of the things that I do in my kitchen once a week is
to pull these big jars out and clean behind them and underneath of them and
clean the jars themselves and wipe them off I always get questions where those
big jars are from and I have them linked in my Amazon storefront so I will just
put a link for them down below and then I will also move anything else that’s on
my countertop and white behind it and underneath of it and wipe down the item
itself whatever you have sitting on your kitchen countertop usually throughout
the week or just like quickly wiping around them it’s good once a week to
just pull them out and clean underneath of them and stuff I also like to clean
my stovetop once a week using my ceramic right stovetop cleaning kit I will also
put a link for this down below it is awesome and if you have a glass stovetop
then you need to own this cleaning kit and here are the two cleaning products
that I was using in my kitchen they’re both seventh-generation I use the
all-purpose spray to spray on all of the countertops and the backsplash and
everywhere and then the soap of course I used to wash the dishes something that I also do once a week is
to wipe down this trashcan I just use a cleaner spray that all over there and
just use paper towels to wipe it down and I have gotten some people asked me
to link this trash can so I will do that in this video I got that from Walmart
I’ll put a link for it down below and then I had went to the grocery store the
other day and I just stuff stuff in here because I was in a hurry didn’t bother
to put things away in their containers and stuff and I want to start the week
off with an organized pantry and an organized fridge because I do have a
meal plan for this week so I wanted to pull everything out of the pantry here
get it all organized that I was ready for the week and then I’m also going to
clean out my fridge and get that organized and wiped out it’s always a good idea to at least
clean out your fridge once a week just go through it get it organized throw out
things that are going bad use up things that are going to be going bad soon
because when your fridge is a mess you’re going to waste so much food
because you’re not going to see that food in the back of the fridge that
needs to be used up because your fridge is so unorganized my fridge had gotten
really crazy here and so I was trying to get it better organized and ready for
the week so that I could use up all the food that I had in here love having organizational containers in
my fridge four different categories of food in this container I had all this
stuff for our lunches this week we’re going to be having salads and sandwiches
in this container is stuff for some recipes I’m making in this green
container I always keep stuff for breakfast –is the big bag of shredded
cheese I’ve got some meat falling out in that other container and then of course
my lettuce and my fruit things like that in the bottom drawers then I keep all
the sauces in the milk different things like that in the door of the fridge now
that I’m done in the kitchen I’m going to swap those clothes from the washer to
the dryer and get a second load of clothes started and actually here in the
next couple of Clips I will be getting like three loads of laundry started
because at this point in the day I had to stop my cleaning and go do some
computer work I had some important phone calls to make so that took me about like
two and a half hours and so during that time I was just whopping out the laundry
and stuff so that’s why here you’re seeing it just like me swapping out
multiple loads of laundry okay the last two rooms to clean in the
house are the boys bedroom and then our little bathroom every day throughout the
week the boys clean up their own bedroom but I like to come in at least one day
out of the week and deep clean their bedroom vacuum it all just get it nice
and spotless clean for them that way it’s easier for them to keep it clean
every single day throughout the week if I just do that deep cleaning in their
room at least once a week because kids can’t quite get their room as clean as
mom can the vacuum I’ll be using today is the
shark up light vacuum I love this vacuum best corded vacuum that I’ve ever owned
it does an amazing job I also have a cordless vacuum which you guys have seen
in a ton of my videos so here I’m giving you a little peek at just how messy
their floor is once you shake out the rug and stuff just is a little boy’s
room the floor does get messy in here I like to use this corded Sharq vacuum
once a week on a Monday when I do these deep cleanings throughout the whole
house I will use this vacuum throughout the whole house and then for all the
rest of the days of the week when I’m just doing that quick tidy up I will
just grab my cordless vacuum to do a quick vacuuming Kyle will even vacuum
for me sometimes with that cordless vacuum so it’s just really handy to have
both of the vacuums okay now their room is clean and I’m
going to move on to cleaning up this bathroom and one of the pros to having a
tiny bathroom is that it doesn’t take very long to clean so I’m going to do
some deep cleaning in here first thing I did spray down the countertop and then
wipe them down with these seventh-generation wipes these are so
nice to keep in your bathroom counter tops it makes wiping down the
countertops and the toilet and everything so much easier and if you
have multiple bathrooms I would recommend keeping a container of these
wipes in each of your bathroom just to make it so much easier on yourself when
you’re doing that quick tidy up throughout the week you can just grab a
cleaning wipe from underneath there to quickly wipe down the countertop okay so now I’m going to vacuum the rest
of the house I got the bathroom vacuumed in the hallway and now I’m going to
vacuum the living room entryway kitchen our master bedroom everything and then
the last thing I will be doing for the day is to fold all of these clothes over
here on the dryer and of course for this once a week cleaning like I said I do
mop the floor after I sweep everything I ran out of time because like I said I
ended up having to do it so much computer work and paperwork and phone
calls and stuff and so my cleaning just got run into the end of the day and it
was getting dark so I just put off the mopping until the next day
but I do mop my floors once a week with the o-cedar spin mop I love it I highly
recommend it I’ll be sure and put a link for that down below I am ending the day by folding all of
this laundry I hope that you guys enjoyed this whole house cleaning
routine video and that it gave you motivation and inspiration if you
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