Who is this new "Boy" Friend? | Emma and Ellie

things aren't meant to be good morning guys and welcome back to another video and let me tell you it is only 925 like I didn't open my garage sale till 9:20 and I'm sweating like pouring sweat it has been so so like I mean beyond busy it is insane I am out of breath we have probably sold half of our stuff already yeah and it is so warm out today who's mean when it slows down I'll take you guys out there and kind of show you what's left but I just wanted to say welcome back good morning and I will see you guys in a little while it's 10:43 and i didn't eat breakfast so I ate cereal well ha because I but and then didn't we sell a boy yeah good girl so I've been selling the squishies a lot of people like the squishies five dollars with the squishies and they were $0.50 each was a little girl and she bought the whole thing a while loop sneeze it was like fifty million pieces and but it was only two dollars for like 50 million pieces imagine how many that how much that was like from a store bought not a garage sale that would be like $50 me and my dad are getting ready to leave for the soccer game and like 20 minutes or so it's only 30 minutes away cuz it's Wesley Chapel and everyone oops everyone has a hotel because it's like two days two games today two games tomorrow no everyone has a hotel but I don't have to have a hotel cuz the film week 30 minutes but for them it would be two hours there back there back there but my cuttings blue from Gary so I'm going to finish eating and get ready for soccer so I see you guys later bye II say was our garage sale I don't know if we showed it because it literally was a madhouse so basically everyone was here and eight to ten it was crazy like Elly was getting paid I was getting paid mark was getting paid there were so many people here and we got rid of a lot of stuff so here's the garage cleaned out so like you know how there is tables in here but it was crazy the Lighting's Tenace we're taking this to a like foster-care maybe I don't know if that's what they're called the lake to like foster children you know like a you understand what I mean and then this is going to Goodwill so like we basically cleaned out everything like oh and this couch is leaving Monday that's what I was just sitting on some lady bought it but we sold a lot of stuff and it was kind of crazy but we're getting ready to leave to go to Wesley Chapel for Ellie's soccer game she already had her first game and she lost apparently the team was like really really really good so we'll see by the next game I think we're stopping for lunch and then going to this floor cloth game and let me tell you how hot it is outside it is so hot and gross so I'm taking a shower when I get home because there's no point for me to sit outside for an hour and sweat even more when I took a shower so I'm just waiting till I get home too but I think I got a little bit of a tan like that's how hot I if you went to the beach you would be like dark dark but I'm okay with that but I had a lot of fun we sold a lot of things mostly a mess of my clothes there's this one girl out bought like five bags for 50 bucks and it was kind of crazy at least sold a lot of clothes and mark shorts were sold there's a lot of kids that take the toys too so but yeah it was a very successful day even though it was only a day in back in Indiana it was like three days and wasn't as successful as it was here so I think that's like Florida and Indiana's completely different [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay swipe off tie your shoe babe cover whoa Nelly out pushup get it get it get it good job le there you go [Applause] just ate Cracker Barrel I'm sunburned little I got Cunha is after the first soccer game and first soccer game we lost the second game we lost I swore first game was 0-2 like Abe never that good yes the first half a Gold's like five goals all they did was pass Oh second game was two to one if they didn't get that goal we would have won what so the first time they went to shoot in the second game when the other team went to shoot it like the top of the goal and it bounced away and then that was that was lucky because Alex isn't that tall so she can't jump that high grab the ball way home there's like 30 minutes left I got home from dinner after soccer at like 6:30 7:00 I took a shower Marc took a shower I like took a shower I had a blow dryer here how much I could you know where Ellen is currently editing in her room I just updated all of our calendars and did that got that done so we are heading to bed because we have to get up early in the morning film a lot today and I know I said that I've got intrigue it's the garage sales stuff it was so busy and even after I told you gates mark and then we're leaving it was so busy it was like so many people and then I had to hurry up and pack it up get bags for Goodwill and we are donating the leftover clothes too it's a foster closet it's called and all the foster kids that are in the system get to go to the foster closet and shop for free so we are donating I had to get all those bags ready and then throw out the trash the garage is pretty well cleaned out I'll show you guys that's why I'll after soccer tournaments but I didn't film at the garage sale because I'm I had a friend over and we're do you know we've talked about this before we do the whole not introducing people in the blog for a while so he's been around a bit whatever we just are introducing who he is or whatever sticking to our rule we went to dinner with us went to at least actor game with us and they kind of hung out whatever for the day so oh wait I met I think Emma did show the car stuff so maybe I'm Rach I think I told her he was inside so I said hurry up a run outside and show the grad sale stuff I think I did okay she said she did so yes so she went outside why he was inside so anyways I am going to bed for the night I will pass you off to Emma you can see how her date went because I know she didn't vlog much today but she was busy we were all kind of busy it was a very hectic busy day my body is sore I am ready to go to bed and I we I got to get up early too we have to be up at 6:30 high so the lighting is different because my room lights are often everyone's in bed and so I had to finish up my editing because I wouldn't be able to do it in the morning and this video was an hour long and it was like so freaking hard to edit it's a video levels but it's just my last video I'm editing up her so I made it good it took me forever but I'm going into bed I'm really tired but my day was pretty good it was literally so miserably hot outside it was so bad but other than that I had a lot of fun I don't know if my mom said if friend came over but yeah Ellie has two more soccer games tomorrow kind of sad about it but then softball season cuz she's trying to do softball so that season starts soon so I said tomorrow supposed to be even hotter I really wanna go to the beach but maybe next weekend well then we can't cuz I have caught maybe the falling again after the 13th technically that's Easter that's Easter yeah the 21st I think someone said I didn't really know but I am gonna head to bed I can barely keep my eyes open I mean I should say any of these guys hopefully enjoy cheese video make sure you guys video big limbs on the food right and we will see you guys tomorrow I'm back with another video

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