What should I do to keep my attic cooler in summer?

Omar from the second Ward has a question about attic fans well his gets hot in the summer and drafty in the winter Omar writes it has the original insulation from 1978 the house was built and it's almost as long as I've been out of high school right anyway I'm having someone remove a tall seal all the holes and install a gable vent my roof has a ridge vent and also an attic fan I have an air handler my attic so I want to make keep it as cool as possible up there in the Attic so tom omar is asking if a gable vent makes a difference no don't do it how about that attic fan attic fan I'm not a big fan of attic fans give it phantom attic fan yeah they have their place sometimes but nope they've use electricity if it's a powered one if it's a solar one it doesn't use electricity but they also cause fires I burned up because addicts are gonna get hot if you don't want your attic hot in August you have to air-conditioned it I get this question about garages every organisms my garage is so hot how do I cool it awfully air-conditioned it I did I got a hair conditioner in mine but not that I use it all the time just when I'm out there but the fact the matter is if we could cool garage off or an attic off with just little ventilation why would you have an air conditioner in your house oh just put an attic fan so no forget the gable vent ridge vent soffit vents installation probably going to add some more you can do about at least in our 30 and a radiant barrier would be very beneficial and then you cover all three bases we get as you say we get this question a lot about I won't get mad at it cool what temperature is correct for the Attic I mean shouldn't it be about what it is outside the attic if you lived in the perfect world where Walgreens is built then it would be exactly that Charlie if it's zero below I mean if it's zero degrees it would be zero degrees if it's 40 below and be 40 below if it's a hundred degrees it would be a hundred degrees now sometimes can't quite get perfect but that's what you're looking for so so your attic because it's not part of the can controlled space theater yeah conditioned space conditioned space it's going to be the ambient temperature without yeah and remember hot air izes and to get the moisture out of that Oh get the moisture out of the Attic you want it to rise out and that way to hot air holds more water than the cold air right and even if it's super cold out you still have a warmer temperature whether it's you know if it's 40 below and then the attic air is zero degrees it's 40 degrees you know warmer it's gonna pull the moisture out that's what you always want is attic ventilation is to remove moisture because moisture destroys insulation and that way you can keep your insulation dry and it does its job better last question on this we use in Texas we the attic is our basement that's where we have a lot of arms they call the Texas basement error what about that mechanical stuff we because the the pitch that people put on cooling your attic as well you've got your you know you've got your you know evaporator up there and you know what about what about that it's too hot for it that if it's designed right it's it's fine okay then if you go to Las Vegas or California let's just take it a step further and the condensing unit that goes on the outside of your home yeah people say I'll put it in the shade because it'll be more efficient they put them on the roof out in Las Vegas in the desert and they still work they're designed to work in the hot well okay so don't don't be sold a bill of goods no no absolutely not all right and we'll never sell you a bill of goods well show you some doors no not the doors or clear so you'll find no that's true forget your we like your call send us your questions at home show radio.com using that ask um formal answer like these videos right over here and we appreciate if you subscribe to our channel and to return the favor click the bell will ring you're doing post a new video

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