Western Red Cedar – Installation Instructions Part Two – Anglo American Cedar Products Ltd.

when you get close to the valley work he's even cut this guy in line with the valley to make a nice straight line going down that valley on low sloped areas ice and water shield and rolled roofing are recommended when joining these areas a metal guard will prevent cutting into the low sloped roofing install a short metal piece where roof lines meet when joining to a vertical wall extend felt paper up the wall and add metal flashing step flashing is installed with every single course up the wall shapes are cut to form straight lines up the valleys do not place nails in the exposed section of the valley metal cut the shapes in a straight line at the top of the roof then add a four inch strip of felt paper over the peak ridge caps are produced with alternating overlaps and should be installed at the same exposure as the sheikhs this new residential development is being roofed with preservative treated taper sawn shakes this 1212 pitch roof is much more challenging than a lower pitch roof here are some special techniques used for steep roofs as with shakes tapers on shakes are usually installed over spaced sheathing the first three feet is usually solid sheathing to provide more strength to the roof structure where climactic conditions require solid sheathing or when reroofing over solid decking specify preservative treated cedar roofing the preservative treatment eliminates the requirement for spaced decking a three foot roll of perforated felt paper is installed first and then a double course of taper saans with an inch and a half overhang over the fascia board one of the roof boards has been temporarily removed to provide safer access a one inch by four inch guide board temporarily nailed at the exposure line provides a convenient straight edge for the next row a temporary roof support may also be installed every few courses for safety and accessibility the same procedure is used for skylights as for joining walls step flashing and top and bottom flashing form the protection around each protruding structure roof caulking should be installed we're flashing overlaps above the skylights shakes also extend an inch over the gable and fascia boards on steep roofs lay out three or four courses of felt paper where practical roof vent details are the same as with shakes on any roof pitch again at vertical walls step flashing is required for every course as the top of each roof section is completed carefully cut the excess with a straight line a guide board or chalk line is very helpful here are some examples of properly installed shakes vents and ridge caps normally a three-foot strip of felt paper is installed at the bottom of the roof then shingles are installed without felt paper for the rest of the roof commercial projects and local building codes may specify alternate systems be sure to check with your local building Department before you start protruding lumber may be protected by methyl capping and an overhanging shingle cedar shingles are becoming more and more popular for exterior and interior finishes and accents builders and developers recognize the insulative r-value and breathability of shingles which greatly minimizes the risk of mold and mildew on this project wood strips have been installed over the sub wall for an additional insulating airspace strips may be extended over concrete for a more finished appearance cedar shingles make a perfect sidewall combination with cedar lumber and many other wall products double courses are installed at the base of each wall or section a long level is a handy tool to mark row placement preservative treated shingles will maintain the same appearance for many years with no maintenance required wall vents here are installed the same as a roof vent vertical two inch by two inch boards are installed at the inside wall corners and one by four boards at the outside corners another option would be to cut alternate overlapping shingles for a weaved appearance proper installation methods will ensure decades of beautiful durable protection for more detailed installation instructions please visit our website at BC shake shingle calm you

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