WE'RE GETTING OUR HOUSE TAKEN AWAY? (why we've been gone…)

so if we ever want to sell the house and do anything to the house we can't until we paint him so now he has like a control over our property so I get down and I'm like what's going on I start recording right away because if anything goes down I have video proof footage hey guys welcome to a brand new pond okay that was not cute at all fenelby we're not some competition going on here right so ever since we uploaded our fun vlog being a feat you know being fun lewis and go to the site to be off fun and stuff to like I sent some competition I sent some dosey I feel like they kind of come for us I sent some teams not only are we better looking we're also way more fun and and fresh and and better in general we can talk about like hair in shoes and they can't talk about any of that so do they talk about what wings wings chicken wings wings yeah anyways I am about to go drop off 50 at his hair salon I got my hair done actually and I wasn't really much of a difference but I got it done by the way this light you merge I look like now I well how no you did not just honk your horn at me go around dude the whole [Applause] guy's a brand-new day what are we doing today they didn't cousin we're finally getting to work after that mess we had yesterday but now it's time to get to work baby oh oh hello grandpa and welcome to a brand new vlog being both of us actually get to work finally hopefully you get a lot of work done so let's get it let's get to work you didn't just wake up and humpy you slept just now yeah Penelope tell the ransom what you're wearing and I'm wearing the new merch – I'm wearing the adult version of Penelope shirt this is our post turn around shy girl are like signature little posed a hey I know we're both matching so if you guys want to match with your kids or whoever it is we have kids sizes an adult sizes link is on blue we have yeah Pete's shirts in the colorful font as well as in black and we have so many other things in compare jingle bell jingle all the way to hear that guys I'm thinking oh my goodness it's a little mankind all right that's my going to tacky and give me that camera we're gonna get pictures first okay breath em you want to see how I have my picture I'll show you why don't worry hello that is so Sachi I love oh snap Oh what uh okay what oh that's cute I like that one ooh diva good oh my goodness who taught her how to pose like oh my somebody sign her up to an agency oh my kid last couple ones nice nice oh snap give it all you got all you got all you got you want the mics you want them like your followers you better work for it yes girlfriend yeah Oh Oh break that hip break your hip break it more more there are time so all the corporate is out of the staircase basically we still have that whole upper room take these things out the walls actually prepping and demoing what we can so does it cost us so much money another thing we had to take out of these and I already start popping Oh God Hey you ever seen Bordeaux karate so these are basically out I'm gonna get this one yeah strong man so how does go to the break one stair cleaning rigger flick one karate chop and it takes a loose multiple times with a hammer what my gosh you're scaring me I've never seen you like this before from damage was done let me just say that you are horrible instead of target shoes a worst ever you are very freaking misbehaved and I'm grounding you get in the car yeah again get in the car you're grounded you think she has some pink hair neck and neck new you think you can act brand new okay get your butt in the car get your butt in the car go do you think your bougie yeah how bougie are you I'm a booty girl hello Bryan family's a brand new day I'm gonna show you what we did to the room we basically stripped it bare we even stripped all the lights in here that's why I'm using this light right now but we took all the carpet and we also stripped the carpet on the staircase here's what we did to the room literally stripped everything even the platform that was in here and yeah it's pretty much ready for the next corporate double in here and we vacuumed in everything so all set up today we're gonna be doing the bathroom in this movie theater we're going to take the toilet out we're gonna take the bender yeah I'm going to tear the tile up and I'm gonna take the tile off the shower and all that's gonna be done by you and me buddy we are still not done we've been at it for three hours maybe I think maybe two hours three hours and we've been going hard stop literally look look it goes hair white the tile on the shower almost done he literally dust will get in your mouth and your nose and your zit Oh welcome to hello FM and welcome I know you guys might be wondering where the heck are where we can you not I know you guys see that we are not home I mean to be honest every single vlog we're in a whole different place can't wait to settle down and not flunk freakin everywhere over the United States we are inside a hotel yeah you have to share it you heard that right we are in California in the city of LA now you want to be quiet right it is only Penelope and I there is no Luis here thank God because you know sometimes you look at knowing anyways your homework with your homework buy enough computer you have a nightmare we got here about like four hours ago as students we got here we showered because Airport dreams we ate post mates we got dressed be my face so you guys might be wondering why am I here and why is Luis not here so we're here for two reasons one business meetings and number two collapse Malcolm and Levy are with my mom I miss me so much she keeps sending me pictures limit is just it's hard but you know I'm doing all of this for them for my family you know up you want to tell them about you what's wrong with you I got the second we get into our hotel room she starts like having her nose water she starts like freaking and coughing and sneezing so she's sick which is great you know why you're sick because you don't wash your hands because you put your hands or your mouth when they're dirty and because you don't eat your food bye bye guys aren't gonna go in a bar now shopping and Penelope's complaining about her not feeling good and she keeps saying that she wants to go home and that's never like okay okay so we're in the hotel room how do you feel and these are my favorite these are some yummy pillows the elements out in the truck let me hey hey I'm going to end the vlog but before I do I wanted to spill some tea so all of you guys are blowing up my DMS on Instagram telling me to spill team and I have tea I just don't know one was the right time to spill it so let's pretend that we're at a sleepover you guys are over at my house and if you're a guy you know pretend you're like ease dropping like you're hiding in the closet so you guys know how we were getting like our studio place remodeled let me just say that that whole entire thing was a disaster mainly because of the main dude like the boss of the construction going on there the guy we hired was the biggest piece of an asshole so the house that we bought I told you guys that the ex owner of the house he like ran his business through the guest house like he had it all set up for his business I'm not gonna tell you what he does because I don't want some people to look him up and then like piece together what he did maybe that'll lead to the address of her house just know that he's very knowledgeable like he has a lot of connections so when we bought the house we told the guy like hey you know anybody that can like remodel the house for us and he recommended a guy to us and he told us like don't go with a handyman so there's a good difference between a handyman and like a construction company so construction company has like contracts paperwork they're more legal they're more professional a handyman he might not have all those sake certificates and everything to work in remodel a house and you just like kind of pay them not under the table you just don't pay them the price of a company you just pay them like cheaper because they just work on their own let you go what I'm saying so the ex owner was like yeah I usually like use this guy he's really good and it was just really expensive so Luis and I am we decided to go with the handyman routes so we hired this handyman and let's call him so we're gonna call his guy Reese I know how to do floors I know how to do this know how to do that great attire you and I have people on my team too who can do this who can do this is awesome okay you have the job we need the house done in 12 days because in 12 days we would like to move in and we're gonna pay you extra so that you can hire more people under your wing to get the job done in 12 days all right cool let's do it we hire him the hot project of the house took twice the time it was supposed to take second bomb this guy Rhys was the biggest piece of ever he complained about everybody he lied a lot he thought he was better than everybody their drama sucked happening between him and his own freakin workers drama started happening and I have video footage to guys like I told you guys we wanted him to get the job done in 12 days he was taking way longer there would be days where he would take off if I tell you about my house done in 12 days and I'm paying you extra money for that you get it done in 12 days you don't take a day off like you don't you tell your family you tell your friend you tell whatever you have going on that you're taking those 12 days off because if you're gonna commit to the job you commit to the job fully he would take days off the project it was now on day 13 day 14 day 15 so it was just like okay race is not even like he does even look like he's serious like he doesn't want to work so I'm gonna go ahead and hire his people to come in on the days that he's not working so they can get the job done for me so Luis will the guys come to work I need you guys to finish this finishes the guys came to work and of course in order to work they had to use all of Greece's tools Rhys was not okay with that he did not want his workers there first of all he didn't want his workers using the tools so Reese came over to the house and he literally pulled out a pocketknife you heard that right he pulled out a pocketknife and was about to like fight one of the guys now you have to realize that if anything goes down on our property do you guys know who's responsible for that us it all lands on us Maurice comes over and I wasn't there like Luis dealt with this I came after that happened Maurice comes over pulls out of pocket knifes like literally tries I come from this guy and I don't freaking know what but I just start confronting each other over tools over something over some BS Luis gets in the middle like literally his life is like in the middle he's like a like Reese you have to go home like you're done with this job because that's what I'm professional – you're not gonna feel like threatened someone on my property three like my kids like are on the way here and you're over here doing the BS so he fires the guy so as soon as he fires him that's when I pull up in the driveway so I get down and I'm like what's going on I start recording right away because if anything goes down I have video proof footage like nobody's gonna try to none of that's happening so I start recording as soon as I get down and I'm going to show you guys like I obviously wasn't like this to the people I started just like recording down here so you're gonna hear all the audio then after they come down Lewis tells the guy not restore their guy so like just go outside in the backyard while Reese goes and gets all of his tools in his car so he can lease is like comped and he's getting his tools and restyle is oh by the way we're gonna be doing the lien on the house now if you guys don't know what a lien is I didn't know what that was either so you'll hear me on the video saying like what saline like what the hell is a lien I'm like over here confused no lien on the house and know what that means hey you two kiss fine and you didn't finish your job that's dumb I finished is the whole moment you want us to pay you the rest of the wants and it's not easy I mean first of all the jobless will be done twelve and it's the twenty Belene is basically where this guy Reese basically has like a debt on our house will basically saying like okay you owe me this much money because until we fired him we didn't pay him the rest of the money cuz obviously we fired him we're not gonna pay you the rest so if we ever want to sell the house or do anything to the house we can't until we paint him so now he has like a control over our property that's what he wanted to do like you guys can't even imagine like all that like it was so stressful was crazy that's why I was like juices like I'm going to my mom's house like I can't have the kids here that called the cops we informed them so they know they got a call from us they know to go there like this because like we feel threatened by the dude or community knows about him every single possibility that we thought of we have it figured out and that's the tea so I know I told you guys in that one other video like yeah I'm just going to my mom's house because the house isn't done there was more tea to that it wasn't just that like so that's just something that has been going on in her life crazy crazy drama I wish we would have listened to the ex-owner from now on we're gonna do actual contractors and not handy men anymore so I definitely needed this trip out here to California to relax and just to take a little breather so thank you guys so much for watching and for listening to this tea time and until next time brand fam say bye pee

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