Wentworth – Home Remodeling in DC, MD & VA

when I was six years old I knew I wanted to be an architect I did all those things that architects do they play with blocks in the sandbox built models so when I got licensed in the 80s I knew I wanted to start my own firm I always loved residential architecture so in 1986 I started my own architectural practice focusing on residential and I quickly learned that I wanted homeowners to get better design than they were getting from the contractors that I was seeing so I formed a design-build practice and that's what we're doing now I feel that we really bring the collaborative approach to our projects we want to work together with our client to give them the best possible product it's not that we show up and say hey here's your design this is what you get that Wentworth's to do our goal is to give our clients a finely crafted well thought out design that they can enjoy for years to come we deal directly with our own architects if we have a situation or a project it needs to be constantly directed and guided and that's a process and by having our architects available our own crew in-house we're able to deal with those fairly quickly and efficiently people often ask me what my favorite project is and I can say that one of my favorite projects has been creating this company and assembling a team of people that can provide a design-build service to homeowners and give homeowners a level of design they wouldn't ordinarily get you

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