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hi my name is Travis I am the founder of homes property maintenance I just want to take a minute to introduce myself and let you know what sets our team apart from all the other companies here in the valley so we service over 500 happy customers here in Salt Lake County many of which have been with us back when we started in 2010 we offer complete landscaping so that's anything from weekly lawn mowing lawn fertilization weed control sprinkler repair and maintenance spring and fall cleanups or if you want regular cleanups throughout the year and we do this for both residential and commercial properties in the winter we also offer snow removal for commercial properties if you take a look around at websites like Google ksl Yellow Pages Facebook just to name a few you will notice that we are the highest rated lawn care company in the valley now this happens for many reasons I believe the first and foremost the quality of our work is just outstanding but I think it goes beyond that I think it's a lot about the small details when I'm out you know in the field visiting with potential clients I get a lot of complaints about what the previous lawn care company would or wouldn't do so we make a checklist for our crews to make sure that we hit all the small details while we're there anything from blowing off your porch and your patio every time picking up trash the last thing we want is for our lawn mowers to come through run over garbage shred it up and leave a mess all over your yard or making sure you know we show your back gate every time we don't want your dog to get out and I could go on and on but I just wanted to make the point that we focus on the small details we're so confident in our service that we offer a really unique guarantee and I would challenge you to find any other company around that offers anything you know similar to ours and the guarantee states this if you are unhappy with our service we will come out fix the problem absolutely no charge to you now if there's a reason we can't make you happy can't fix the issue we will hire a competitor that you choose we will pay them out of our own pocket just to keep you happy we are so bold with this guarantee because we know our service is awesome you know if it wasn't awesome it would probably cost us a small fortune I'm not trying to say that we're perfect because know that we make mistakes but I feel it's the way that we handle any mistakes that we make that really sets us apart we also spend quite a bit of time and resources on scheduling software this allows us to know down to the minute when we were on a property who was there what kind of services we provided and it also you can also go on our website log in you can view anything you want from past payments any invoices we're very transparent you know if you want to go online and find out the last time your lawn was fertilized or what kind of material we used you can do that we also have dedicated staff in the office to answer phone calls emails communicate with you so if you call us during the day during business hours we will answer the phone if for some reason we don't answer we're on the other line we will call you back within minutes we're working hard every day to make sure that our customers are happy and we want to make sure we're improving and getting better every single day we love the opportunity to work with you and show you how much we care give us a call today and we can even give you an estimate over the phone thank you and have a great day

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  • Daniel Pelton

    April 6, 2019

    Sounds like you have built a great business. Love your approach to customer satisfaction.
    How big was your investment when just starting out?


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