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hey what's going on everybody I hope you're having a great start to your weekend and a great Friday and and you're enjoying the snow being completely almost gone that's what I like about this type like this time of year and and when we get snows typically the weather's 5060 degrees within a few days that's all gone I love it anyway my name's Brooks with Y&P home solutions where the local house buyer right here in the tri-state area we buy houses in Martinsburg West Virginia Hagerstown Maryland Franklin County Pennsylvania and even parts of Frederick County Maryland as well but today I just wanted to do this quick little video I'm meeting a seller here in Clear Spring Maryland the properties actually in Hagerstown but I'm gonna come up here and meet them we're gonna go ahead and get this agreement signed today for us to purchase their house in the next 30 days or less so if that's something that sounds good to you if you know someone who has a property it could be a rental property a tired landlord maybe it's a friend of yours it ends several rental properties and they're just worn out from dealing with the tenants toilets termites all of that just ready to cash in sell those properties for cash move on with their life or maybe it's a friend who has to relocate maybe you know someone who has to relocate for a job or again it's a property that's dated and they don't want to fix it up on their own dollar right nothing wrong with the property they just don't want to fix it up we come across that a lot too no matter what the situation is give us a call ynp Home Solutions – four zero two four four three nine five three that's two four Oh – four four three nine five three and let our team get on the phone with you you know go over a couple questions see if we're a fit we'll come out take a look at the property we'll present you with a no hassle or a hassle-free no obligation offer and you do with it what you want if you if you like it great we can move forward if you don't that's okay too we don't buy every house that we go to look at but I'd hate for you to continue to have that stress of that home or that property weighing you down so give us a call you can reach us on Facebook – at Wyant p.m. solutions certainly go to the website ww-why NP home solutions calm and will be started get in touch with you just as soon as so it's it's awesome for us to be able to do this I'm grateful that I can meet this seller up here today we're gonna help them get out of a situation that has just been weighing them down for years when really they just you know didn't know where to turn didn't know what else to do with it it needs a lot of repair actually a ton of repair but that's the business that we're in guys we're in that business so if you know someone be sure to reach out to us all right thanks guys have a great weekend and be sure to subscribe to the channel visit here frequently you'll get notified whenever we do new content but yeah look forward to talking to you see if we can help you out ymp always providing solutions so for all your real estate needs take care thanks

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