Walking London’s Canary Wharf at Winter Lights 2020

Walking London’s Canary Wharf at Winter Lights 2020

Hello Walkers! 😀
Welcome to another London walk 🇬🇧 This evening we’re in Canary Wharf
for the 6th annual Winter Lights event showcasing 25 light installations
and interactive art by some of the most innovative artists
from across the globe We’re currently in Jubilee Plaza
outside Canary Wharf Station an Underground Station in Zone 2,
served by the Jubilee Line JUBILEE PARK The Winter Lights event runs from the
16th to 25th January 2020, 4pm to 10pm we’re here on Friday 17th
at around 6pm it’s a dry evening with light winds
and a temperature of 8°C / 46°F ‘Squiggle’ by Angus Muir Design is a winding mass of 450 metres
of digital neon tubing creating a unique sensory journey ‘Pools of Light’ transforms the park’s ponds into
stunning streams of light and sound by covering them in thousands of
colourful illumined orbs UPPER BANK STREET MONTGOMERY SQUARE Another entrance to
Canary Wharf Station ‘Affinity’ by Amigo & Amigo and S1T2 is an immersive,
interactive light sculpture inspired by the dazzling complexity
and connectivity of the human brain MONTGOMERY STREET SOUTH COLONNADE CANADA SQUARE ‘Lightbench’ by LBO Lichtbank features ten stunning light benches that glow and change colours,
illuminating their surroundings ‘Neon Tree’ by Hawthorn transforms a bare tree into
a striking, colourful sculpture ‘The Bra Tree’ draws inspiration from a tradition
on the American ski slopes of women throwing their bra onto a tree! The aim of the tree is to raise a smile but also much needed funds
for the charity Breast Cancer Now NORTH COLONNADE UPPER BANK STREET DOCKSIDE, LEVEL -1, CROSSRAIL PLACE ‘Desire’ by UXU Studio is a playful, sensual design that at first glance
looks like giant, red lips but from the side,
you see a heartbeat instead! It’s made up of 1,500 red lights which represent the thousands
of nerve endings in human lips and the signals they send
to the brain when activated perhaps from a kiss! 💋 We’re now entering the beautiful
Crossrail Place Roof Garden 🌴 which is a 300-metre tropical oasis
filled with lush plants and trees partially covered with a glass roof It’s free to visit 🥳 and open daily to the public until 9pm
or sunset in summer ☀️ ‘Luma Paint Light Graffiti’
by Lichtfaktor and Bomber Graffiti uses Lichtfaktor’s real-time
Light Painting Software to transform almost any object
into a living paint canvas allowing visitors to
create graffiti with light ADAMS PLAZA BRIDGE NORTH COLONNADE Across the road is an entrance
to Canary Wharf DLR Station WREN LANDING ‘Mountain of Light’ by Angus Muir Design is a monolithic installation,
towering to a height of four metres and brought to life by a
dramatic range of lighting effects! ‘Ditto’ by Ithaca Studio is an impressive column of light repeating infinitely above and below
the visitors inside CABOT SQUARE ‘Liquid Sound’ by Entertainment Effects gives the much-loved fountain
a makeover for Winter Lights featuring a stunning display
of music and light ‘Absorbed by Light’ by Gali May Lucas allows visitors to sit between
the three figures on the bench each exhibiting the standard traits
of smartphone users heads bent, fingers typing and swiping their faces lit up by their phone screens WEST INDIA AVENUE COLUMBUS COURTYARD ‘Sky on Earth’ by UAII Studio is inspired by the experience of
a night flight over storm clouds as lighting illuminates the foam
to create beautiful colours accompanying the deep throb
of a thunderstorm ‘Time & Tide’ by Paul & Pute with its hourglass design
and colours inspired by nature we’re reminded of the urgency
of halting the plastic pollution of our oceans before the damage
to our planet is irreversible WESTFERRY CIRCUS ‘Shish-Ka-Buoy’ by Angus Muir Design is a cluster of landlocked
six metre tall buoys containing thousands of LEDs to create a whirl of colours
and spherical gradients ‘Lactolight’ by Lactolight is a giant, low-res video screen created from 7,344 recycled
plastic milk bottles which become individual pixels
depicting colours and patterns and when combined with a
custom built soundscape helps to create an
overall sensory experience ‘Stratum’ by Studio Chevalvert is an interactive installation made
up of 92 illuminated metal totems where visitors are invited to
move their hand over a sensor which controls the colours
and movements of the lights WEST INDIA AVENUE CABOT SQUARE CUBITT STEPS ‘The Clew’ by Ottotto is made from 100 circles of red light creating stunning reflections of sunset
on the water below The circles frame the bridge,
allowing visitors to pass through MACKENZIE WALK CHANCELLOR PASSAGE ‘Bit-Fall’ by Julius Popp is an ever-changing cascade of words created by thousands of falling
illuminated water droplets 💧 with the words derived from
a number of live news sources MACKENZIE WALK REUTERS PLAZA ‘Mi-e dor de tine’
by Daisler Association uses large, neon letters
to declare this Romanian phrase which is said to loved ones,
meaning ‘I miss you’ JUBILEE PLAZA BANK STREET 10 BANK STREET PARK ‘Sasha Trees’ by Adam Decolight illuminates this new park with
glowing fir trees in neon colours creating a fantastic contrast
with the surrounding buildings JUBILEE PLAZA Our walk is almost over now 😞 so if you enjoyed it,
please leave a LIKE 👍 and share it on social media
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was your favourite! Also, SUBSCRIBE for more videos
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when I post new videos 🔔 So until next time,
bye for now! 😘


  • Watched Walker

    January 20, 2020

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    FILMED: 17th January 2020 (Friday Evening, 8°C/46°F) with GoPro Hero 7 Black

    ROUTE MAP*: https://goo.gl/maps/spVe11LvCRvHCKrX6

    00:00 Jubilee Plaza (Canary Wharf Station 00:31)
    00:59 Jubilee Park
    05:51 Upper Bank Street
    06:25 Montgomery Square (Canary Wharf Station 06:45)
    09:31 Montgomery Street
    10:12 South Colonnade
    11:12 Canada Square
    17:04 North Colonnade
    17:50 Upper Bank Street
    19:42 Dockside, Level -1, Crossrail Place
    22:38 Crossrail Place Roof Garden
    27:26 Adams Plaza Bridge
    28:38 North Colonnade (Canary Wharf DLR Station 29:43)
    31:19 Wren Landing
    35:58 Cabot Square
    39:48 West India Avenue
    40:57 Columbus Courtyard
    44:17 Westferry Circus
    52:34 West India Avenue
    54:19 Cabot Square
    55:11 Cubitt Steps
    59:38 Mackenzie Walk
    01:00:57 Chancellor Passage
    01:02:30 Mackenzie Walk
    01:03:22 Reuters Plaza
    01:04:47 Jubilee Plaza
    01:06:09 Bank Street
    01:14:03 Jubilee Plaza
    01:14:40 Canary Wharf Station

    01:54 ‘Squiggle’ by Angus Muir Design, Jubilee Park
    03:24 ‘Pools of Light’, Jubilee Park
    06:55 ‘Affinity’ by Amigo & Amigo and S1T2, Montgomery Square
    12:30 ‘Lightbench’ by LBO Lichtbank, Canada Square
    13:12 ‘Neon Tree’ by Hawthorn, Canada Square
    14:55 ‘The Bra Tree’, Canada Square
    19:42 ‘Desire’ by UXU Studio, Dockside, Level -1, Crossrail Place
    24:44 ‘Luma Paint Light Graffiti’ by Lichtfaktor and Bomber Graffiti, Crossrail Place Roof Garden
    31:19 ‘Mountain of Light’ by Angus Muir Design, Wren Landing
    32:58 ‘Ditto’ by Ithaca Studio, Wren Landing
    36:08, 37:55 ‘Liquid Sound’ by Entertainment Effects, Cabot Square (Fountain)
    36:31 ‘Absorbed by Light’ by Gali May Lucas, Cabot Square
    41:42 ‘Sky on Earth’ by UAII Studio, Columbus Courtyard
    43:32 ‘Time & Tide’ by Paul & Pute, Columbus Courtyard
    44:23 ‘Shish-Ka-Buoy’ by Angus Muir Design, Westferry Circus
    46:42 ‘Lactolight’ by Lactolight, Westferry Circus
    50:19 ‘Stratum’ by Studio Chevalvert, Westferry Circus
    55:49 ‘The Clew’ by Ottotto, Cubitt Steps
    01:00:57 ‘Bit-Fall’ by Julius Popp, Chancellor Passage
    01:02:44, 01:03:29 ‘Mi-e dor de tine’ by Daisler Association, Reuters Plaza viewing point
    01:08:22 ‘Sasha Trees’ by Adam Decolight, 10 Bank Street Park

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