Vintage Wedding Ideas | Fall Wedding Decorations Ideas | Dollar Tree DIY Wedding Decorations

Vintage Wedding Ideas | Fall Wedding Decorations Ideas | Dollar Tree DIY Wedding Decorations

hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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holiday events in DIY decor today I have an elegant fall wedding centerpiece and
set up for all of my beautiful Albright’s
to be here we go okay guys for my following centerpiece
and set up my whole vision was for the whole look feel vintage so I’m going to
be making my centerpiece out of old from Dollar Tree and it’s going to be very
easy to make all right let’s get started to build a centerpiece we’re going to
start from the bottom up and to make this happen we’re going to use e6000 and
hot glue and the first thing you want to do is turn the smaller Bowl over and
then you’re going to turn over in your paper candle holder and then you’re
going to add both loose to the rim of the bottom of the paper towel holder you
want to start early 6000 and I’m just going to add you how you write on top of
it place it right on top of your bowl and
then you’re going to repeat the process on top of the candle holder now just go
ahead and place the bowl right on top again and try to Center it as best as
possible and here it is now I’m going to go ahead
and give it a coat okay here is how my vase look like now all painted up next
thing I’m going to do is glue my floor file inside my vase with my hot glue gun I’m going to start off with my deep red
hydrangea they almost look burgundy I got this beautiful bouquets from my host
they were 40% off of $5.99 and I’m going to cut them about four inches long
actually they’re a little longer than that so this is about five inches long
and you have to remember that the bowl is a little deep so you got to cut them
a little longer I’m going to place the flowers in all four corners now I’m
going to add this beautiful peonies from Dollar Tree and I’m going to cut them
four to five inches long this is what we have so far now I’m going to add the
rest of my hydrangeas and Pew knees right on top of here now I’m going to
add weinery to the arrangement and I got this okay of bushes at this place right
here it says bushes from Michaels and he was $12.99 but I got it at 50% off so it
was more like two expellers and fifty cents beautiful now moving on so made mine
vintage taper candleholders the paper candle holder is pretty vintage looking
and it’s pretty nice but it is but I just wanted to add a little height so
I’m going to add the shot glass to the top of it and to make it look a little
different and I’m going to do that by adding e6000 and hot glue in xpect now
I’m going to go ahead and give it a couple of coats of paint as well here’s
how the paper candle holder looks like now I love the way it looks with the
shot glass right on top it looks like it belongs there now to embellish it a
little bit I’m going to add a bit of the greenery from the centerpiece I’m going
to add it right about here and then I’m going to grab a little bit of dehydrator
and place it right on top ten here it is all right guys this is my
fall wedding centerpiece in a couple of pieces of my wedding setup I’m going to
show you the rest of the row later and as you can see this whole set will have
a bit of inventive twist and I absolutely love it and I hope you like
it as well so if you liked this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and if
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