Veterans: A Shifting Narrative

when I came back from Afghanistan it was difficult being in a unit where guys were trying to get jobs and you say that you've deployed and been to Afghanistan and obviously people thank you for your service but you can tell that they look at you differently after 9/11 when we started having veterans come back people started saying we have to help veterans and so to get donations they said look how damaged these these poor people are which were all well-intentioned but they created this perception that every one of us that comes back is damaged internally or physically and that's just what you write 80% of Americans view us is broken they think that we all have PTSD and they think that's disability they think that that's a good reason not to hire us the problem isn't that you're damaged the problem is how these organizations don't encourage and earn your respect than your devotion the veterans vote more when we volunteer more we give more money to charities you name it across the board we are more engaged in our community veterans are some of the most successful people that we have inside of our walls they're driven and they have integrity they have grit they've gone through years and years of leadership training and understand the importance of camaraderie and leading from the front they are going to improve the community and our offices they're gonna help us grow our company faster and in that sense we owe it to them to finally the best position as possible I see these big national names having these large statistics of what they've hired usually have insanely horrible retention rates our goal is to hire veterans that end up flourishing here and being happy here and making money here and becoming leaders here we want to be able to train them and develop them and give them the skills if they need to be successful we're gonna hire veterans and we're going to turn them into our best employees and the leaders throughout the entire business we can't change the national conversation unless your results are so extreme that they prove it because no one's coming to save us no one's coming to build these things that we're trying to do no one's gonna come to be a better leader for your people than you I want you to be the example through your effort and dedication of how we want people to work because you're trying to contribute to proving that veterans aren't only valuable to working here that they're the most valuable assets you can find and if we can prove that we can help other organizations to change their behavior and in five years when we are a billion-dollar business and we've hired over a thousand veterans the rest of the country is gonna look at us and they're gonna say how did you do that and the answer is simple we just owned the weight of the responsibility every single day you you

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  • Eddie Dunn

    April 12, 2019

    Powerful…tribal unity will be key here.


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