Vern Yip Fabricut Trend Collection Celebration Dinner Recap

so there I was sitting in an afternoon session on day two of the design bloggers conference when I see this pop up on the big jumbo screen I gasped and I look down at my phone which verified that I did receive the tweet and that I was selected to attend a special dinner with Vern yet Vern is someone I have watched on television for years whether it was his stint as one of the original designers on Trading Spaces or his prolific career as a designer and host for HGTV so how did I get to be chosen for this one – the lifetime experience well fabric Hut one of the sponsors and exhibitors of a conference asked each designer to leave their business card for a chance to win a spot at the dinner turns out 22 designers were selected to attend this special celebration for the launch of burns new trend fabric collection we were going to have dinner at Burns home you see Vern didn't want to just take us to an impersonal restaurant he wanted to invite us to his home for an intimate gathering where we could really get to know him and his family like Vern his collection of fabrics for trend is clean-cut and modern leaning his home is a brilliant display of his ability to showcase and highlight the power of fabrics via upholstery drapery and even the linens on the tables earng has an extensive art collection in one of my favorite parts of the evening was hearing him tell us the stories behind some of his favorite pieces like many of you I've admired burns work for years I have loved his designs and appreciated his TV persona but after meeting him and spending time in his home I can honestly tell you that he is one of the sweetest most gracious people I have ever met he allowed us perfect strangers to roam freely through his home and he was an open book answering any questions we asked without hesitation or ego I still can't believe that I can say I had dinner with Vern Yip in his home this will definitely go down as one of the best days ever

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