Vacation Home Tropical Decorating with

I hi I'm going to do this video today to show you some idea of how get spring calm could help you decorate your vacation condo or home if you're interested in a tropical decor gift Springs has some items or has the time making this recording some items that helped me to integrate the look I was looking for here at this Florida vacation condo for example this is a beautiful multi dolphin statue I'm going to show it to you a clue see that you will be amazed how little this cost me and how beautiful and elegant it looks in this home this is also a tropical style lamp that I used to pull the whole look together let's go into another room finally I'm trying to show you this pineapple welcome plaque thats hanging on the wall it's got a pineapple in the top and on the bottom it says welcome we paint it in with a different color in green the welcome to help welcome the visitors when they come right into the door over here I have this built-in wall space with the mirror in the back and I just needed some little nautical tropical knickknacks and I do want to spend a lot of money so gift Springs calm came to the rescue again and i found this matching to the wall plaque little pineapple candy dish and look at these cute sailboat comes in a pair see and then we have these little dolphin mobiles this is another item I found a gift spring that worked great in this place it's a chest you see with wicker and I use it to leave some menus from restaurants in it for the tenants that come to visit Florida here now who wants to be watering a plant when you're in a vacation home so get fring has this wonderful for the paradise plan let me show it to you upload again it's something at a very reasonable price that will help you with your home decorating project ok I'm here in the dining room now isn't this cute look at that tray the durable and it was just thinking you know one sick little extra thing that I wanted to have here in the vacation condo even either from get spring different kinds of placement hi more tropical can you get huh I love ha jeez i'm going to show you one more thing now anyone decorating a home knows that they cannot get everything they want from the same store but i'm just giving you some examples of how you can integrate some of the products available a gift springs in your decorating scheme here's the last thing i want to show you today and this is a nautical night lamp just for a little extra accent lamp and it's got the dolphin i don't know if you can see i'm going to try to turn the light on and now i'm turning the light off you can put it anywhere just to give it that extra decorations that you want or if you really need to use it as a night light so that's all i have for you today for decorating ideas from get spring calm you

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