UV Water Filter System Maintenance Tips

hey Chris with RC Wurst here welcome back to another video we're doing we're talking about UV filter systems today we've got a pure UV b 3 installed behind us and we just recently finished up the how to install this system so check out that video if you're curious otherwise what we're gonna be talking about today is how to properly maintain your UV water filter system so there's just a couple of key things that you're gonna actually have to maintain on your UV system and we're just going to kind of briefly go over those and then we're gonna follow up with some more in-depth videos that actually show those processes if you need a little further instruction so the first thing to keep in mind is the UV lamp we've got a controller here this powers the UV lamp and those UV lamps need to be changed every year they're they're rated for 365 days of run time before the UV kind of weakens and then they no longer are as effective as what they need to be in order to meet the high quality of water that you're looking for so that needs to be replaced every 365 days now what that means for you if you've got one of these systems installed on a lake home or possibly a summer cottage where you don't live there year-round if you turn this system off during the parts of the year that you're not there then you could potentially run these over a couple of seasons we have a lot of people in our area here in Coeur d'Alene that live around the lake part-time and they winterize their cabins in the winter and then they come back and turn things back on and those folks tend to run these lamps about two seasons for a total of 12 months of runtime so keep that in mind you want to always replace these lamps every 12 months and while you're doing that make sure you inspect all the equipment inspect the sleeve and clean everything up before you walk away and say that the maintenance for the year is complete the other thing that's going to happen more regularly than the lamp changes is the filter changes it's recommended that you and stall a pressure gauge before and after the UV filter system because what that's going to allow you to do is walk out here while the system's running and see what the pressure drop is between the filters and as it gets too high you can then replace your filters and improve the water pressure in the house a lot of times people will use the drop in water pressure with or without the pressure gauges to signify when it's time to change the filters suddenly one morning you turn on the shower and it's just kind of trickling out of the showerhead that's a good indicator that it's time to change the filters outside of that there's really minimal maintenance on these systems they're very easy to maintain when you replace the filters make sure you're greasing the o-rings and that's really it so I hope that you found this video informative if you want more instruction again we're going to be following up with some additional videos on how to perform these maintenances otherwise thanks for joining us today don't forget to Like and subscribe for more great content and we'll see you in the next video

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