tell me what you're doing Jerry you're covering up the red cast they're looking we replaced all it with PVC ear and everything's taken care of we also as a water line came in had bad valve coming in so we had the utility shut it off they put a new meter in so nobody got their valves on each side 2 meter and then we have individual valves here we're going in a second-floor hot and cold to the master bath I quote going to the full bath on the second floor new water heater in here we have new frost free hydrants going out in this area they'll also be have the lines going over to the laundry room there for hot cold and soft water over there so everything's new new Tech's everything is pressurized running so we're in good shape right now we are exterior windows & siding remove the guys are putting in the windows today we have tie-back going on the wall and new windows it's a nice day and we'll get it done right now I'm in the process of removing the old windows thanks Jason Jaffe would knock the sighting was a redwood siding about seven inch lamp then had the vinyl exciting all of that stuff got ripped why what were you happy laugh is called whether wood 3/4 inch thick librarianship 70 years old we will wrap the entire house with nightmare which will people in range things like that over the house after that it's all finished start to put the heater new siding up I can't tell you what color the secret garage we're not tearing the original siding hot between good condition we will be putting new vinyl over this because we need some sort of base coming up the new siding up to

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