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hi I'm Alan Hill smug jr. registered interior designer and certified master kitchen about designer of Hill smug design associates coming to you from a bathroom we designed here in beautiful South Lake Texas I'm going to be sharing with you today ways on updating your bathroom faucets updating your bathroom faucets is a simple mini remodel that you can do without a lot of tools experience or the mess the lavatory faucet of all the faucets in the bathroom is the easiest one to update and you don't even need to be a contractor the hardest part of this update is making the decision of selecting which faucet you want for your bathroom from the over thousand-plus faucets available today whether at your local plumbing showroom or online can become very overwhelming and sometimes that's when you need to bring in the design professional like myself to help you make your decision first you need to look at what type of faucet you have for instance in this situation we have a single hole faucet so if I was wanting to simply update the faucet without having to redo the entire vanity I would need to go and select a single hole faucet for my new selection the other faucet update you can do is that of a tub or a shower such as in this situation if I were wanting to replace the shower faucets it's going to require a lot more expertise a lot more materials and a lot more mess this is where I recommend highly to bring in the professionals a licensed master plumber would be required because once you have all of this taken out which you can do yourself the licensed plumber would need to turn around and reconnect all of your plumbing whether updating just your lavatory faucet or all the faucets in your bathroom making this small improvement will provide a great impact and a new sense of style for your bathroom so until next time this is alan hills bug junior from hill spec design associates coming to you from beautiful southlake texas have a great day you

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  • TonyCamp Camppartyof4

    April 14, 2019

    That doesn't look like a GFCI outlet right by the sink


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