Upbeat Designs from Brazil Infuse the Wow into American Home Décor

we are here at New York now and we are bringing the best out of Brazil to the American market my name is Roberta Schilling I work as a curator finding the best we have in our countries to introduce to the American community we work with local artisans in Brazil and using our resources from recycled materials from natural materials the focus is to stay upbeat always trying to WoW our customers with different and fun and quality materials I am very inspired by my own country I was born in Brazil it's a privilege to be able to give back to our community a very special and creative artisans our product line is actually a treat for designers because everything can be customized to the dot they can work with different lacquers woods materials change sizes and make it addley wish the next step is to keep us ahead of the game is to be wallowing and surprising our clients with fresh new amazing products

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