Ultimate Clean With Me & Decorate For Easter

hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope all of you guys are having a great day so far so I am back with another cleaning video for you guys and this one is also going to have Easter decor which it's honestly not a lot I don't like to decorate too much of for Easter I pretty much only decorate a lot for Christmas and then all of the other smaller holidays like Easter Valentine's Day even Thanksgiving I honestly don't like to overdo it with the decor what I did decorate for Easter and that is towards the end of the video but right now I am just picking up my bedroom I'm starting out by making the bed first and then you're going to see that I start wiping down the furniture and just putting stuff away I wish we had another things I can't sleep oh my god guys I am so excited because my birthday is in May and I already told Derek what I wanted for my birthday we pretty much just tell each other what we want for our birthdays to make sure that we get each other something that we really really like and then usually I'll also get Derek like something smaller that's not something that he asked me for it but anyways what I am trying to say is that this year I told her that what I wanted for my birthday was a mirrored vanity and it has drawers I think it's actually a desk I'm not a hundred percent sure but anyways it has little drawers which is perfect because I mean something where I can store my YouTube stuff like my planner my laptop all of my computer and camera stuff and then also be able to do my makeup on there and store my makeup and stuff like that so I am so excited I already told them the one that I wanted so most likely once we take Nolan out of our room which means we'll be able to take the playpen out I will be putting that mirrored furniture right in front of the window and I am so excited to decorate it and to finally just have somewhere where I can sit down and do my makeup and also somewhere where I can put all of my YouTube stuff and have it all nice and organized I don't know what to say I've seen you around before never now on to the big boys room Nicholas and Nathan's room and I'm pretty much just going to be wiping down their furniture making their beds I don't know if last time I filmed a cleaning video these two name signs and the bookshelf or on the wall I want to say they weren't so this is probably the first time that you guys are seeing it but I honestly love it I feel like the wood gives their room like a little masculine touch I don't know but I feel like it just looks really nice in their room so like I said I'm just basically going to be wiping down the furniture in the room making their bed they honestly don't get their bedrooms dirty because they pretty much only sleep in their room they are usually playing in the back yard or in the living room they honestly do not play in their room at all they pretty much only sleep in their room [Applause] I know that it's super super dark in this clip and there's like another clip in this video where it's really dark so I'm so sorry about that I'm still trying to figure out the whole lighting since this is a new house for us I actually do have to switch out some of the lights and put like natural white lights because there's a lot of yellow lights in this house which is definitely not good for vlogging and just for YouTube in general because I do need to have natural lighting so I'm so sorry about that I am working on a eventually I will switch out all of the lights in the house but for right now this is what it looks like but anyways I'm just wiping down some of the furniture in Nolan's room he doesn't even sleep in it so honestly it took me like two minutes to wipe down the stuff in his room and just pick it up and now I am just in the living room this is the little entryway table right when you come into the house so I was just wiping down that mirror and then also wiping down the furniture and everything that is on top of it djay guys i desperately want to buy a new leather sectional couch this one has been tearing for a couple of months I know that I even mentioned it in like previous cleaning videos and stuff like that but it's just starting to like tear a little bit more and it does kind of like scratch when you sit on it but it is going to have to wait obviously because we just moved in here and we already had to buy a couple of stuff but hopefully in a couple of months I will be able or we will be able to buy a new couch and I am obsessed with one that is from Macy's we have to have leather couches because we have kids so I can't do that brick add-on I'm like too scared of them like dropping something on it and then it gets dirty and I also don't want to be like no you can eat on the couch and you can't play on the couch so we definitely do need a leather couch but I am obsessed with one that is from Macy's it is beautiful so hopefully in a couple of months we will be able to get it Jonah Nadi a father okay so I actually have to come and get baby no limp because he started getting a little fuzzy so I'm sorry if it sounds may be a little bit more echoey in here but I am just picking up the kitchen now it was a hot mess this day so I'm basically just putting away all of the dishes that I had already washed and then I am going to do all of the new dishes that's in the sink uh-huh I'm sure you guys can probably hear all of the little noises that baby Nolan is making [Applause] [Applause] I feel like you guys have seen me do dishes a million times so I digitized the favor of just showing you what it looked like in the beginning and then just skipping to the very last item that I have to watch and now I am just going to go ahead and wipe down the countertops and the cabinets and stuff like that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] these expectations I wonder if I miss enough okay so now time to start vacuuming and I'm just starting out in the living room because it's the biggest area and it's also where I have the biggest rug but I wanted to ask you guys for your help so over the couch that's on the really long wall I don't have anything on that Wow yeah and the only thing that I'm thinking of putting on there is a really big long mirror kind of like the one that we had in the apartment but that one is in our bedroom now because hopefully once I get my body back in shape I can start doing some outfit of the days on Instagram and stuff like that but I don't really know what to put on that wall and the only reason why I'm thinking of a mirror it's because I know it's super easy to find one on home goods and it's going to fill up the whole space but it's such a big wall that I feel like I can put a really nice statement piece on there so hopefully you guys can help me out maybe if you find something online you can send me the link to it on Instagram so that I can look at it something else that I was thinking that I can probably put on there it's like a silver or gold medallion like those really big gold ones and silver ones but I don't know let me know if you guys find anything that you send it to me on Instagram as a link it that way I can look at it and hopefully you guys can help me find something for that wall because it's super big and I definitely have to put something on there and something else that I do want to buy and I'm thinking of buying one that they have in Hobby Lobby is a fig tree or fake one because I definitely do not have time for the boys to be playing with real dirt and throwing it all on the floor but I'm thinking of buying a fig tree and putting it on the little corner in the living room between the TV stand and the little play shelf like the where I have all of the boys toys both you know what I mean but anyways I'm just going to go ahead and continue vacuuming the rest of the house I came on it feels like a pretend keep on driving keep on driving you made from a hot California no shoving feels like a Ritz and keep on driving my son again it's never gone so now that I'm done cleaning the entire house I am going to go ahead and decorate for Easter and I actually had all of these items from last year like I said I honestly don't like to decorate too much for Easter I kind of just put two or three little items but I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video hopefully YouTube is allowing comments for this video I will find out once I upload it and if they do definitely comment down below so that we can chitchat but like always thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you guys in the next one bye guys

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