UCLA Extension Architecture & Interior Design

My name is Luis de Moraes and I am an
instructor in the Interior and Architectural Design program. As a
graduate of the Interior and Environmental Design program here at
UCLA Extension, I have developed amazing skills in which has allowed me to work
for some of the top architecture and design firms in the world. UCLA Extension is unique in the fact that the professional community looks to it for
the high quality students that it produces. Most students coming out of
this program–if they’ve been diligent in their work–will definitely find jobs and
good jobs. My name is Henna Basari. I am in the
certificate program for Interior Design. I wanted to get a certificate and move
towards my master’s rather than being stuck in another bachelor’s degree. This program that UCLA Extension has
for interior designers has a follow-up degree, has a master’s degree at the end,
so if you get the certificate, you’re actually suitable to move towards the
master’s program, and that was my goal: to get my master’s in what I love. My favorite thing about teaching is to
be able to influence students and people wanting to change their career into a
new world, which is in my case, a creative world in which they will enjoy doing what
they do for the rest of their lives. My name is Narcisse Naumovski. I’m recently
graduate from UCLA Extension. I didn’t know how to draw before, because I come
from a different background, and–and for me to is like opening a window and let
people see what exactly is my vision. That’s the magic of UCLA
Extension. It’s like at any age, we can recreate ourself. I graduated from the certificate program
in fall and I started my master’s in interior architecture in the same school.
I’m really excited to do a master’s program and I actually feel I’m ahead of
everyone else because I was in the certificate program, so I feel I’m home
and I’m just continuing to finish my education. UCLA Extension is a ladder
for me to reach higher to my passion and creativity.

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