Turning wood log into 6 awesome DIY  home decor stuff

Turning wood log into 6 awesome DIY home decor stuff

My name josh and this is my DIy Channel videoeppo I don’t like long intros, but this is important,
so hang on with me a bit. I am not experienced, or professionally qualified
to operate any of the power tools I use. In fact this is first time ever, I am holding
a chain-saw. I don’t own it, its on rent ,and thus doesn’t
have an instruction manual The owner gave me a set of instructions and
I referred to a lot of tutorial videos before trying this out. Safety is a must. Dust protection mask, ear protection, eye
protection is absolutely necessary. For the head protection, I am using my riding
helmet. I know it funny Something is better than nothing Next thing is, I am not going to chop down
a tree just because I have some crazy ideas and I am going to make a video on it. The logs that you see in the video are harvested
from trees that were victims of a cyclone. The cyclone swept about 50% of cities greenery
and the trees in the backyard fell. Some made it and some didn’t. The ones that didn’t, will make way to my
workshop. Let me gear up and get started! Making sure the wood log doesn’t fall on
me after being cut and carefully choosing my positions I cut the tree logs from the
main tree. The camera angle are not so clear because
I was focussing on the tree logs and also needed to make sure that the falling log doesn’t
knock my camera down. It might seem simple, but it did take quite
a bit of effort in cutting down these logs into the size that I could carry. A black t-shirt on a hot summer afternoon
proved to be foolish. I changed, and got back to work again. .
The logs were moved where I could continue working comfortably. To cut these into further smaller pieces ,the
logs were placed on heavy rocks so that, they would not move while its being cut. With the basic plans made for this video the
logs were cut to the desired size. I was aiming for 6 projects for this and needed
get all logs ready before sunset and return the chainsaw The next day,
These were brought in to the workshop, all possible tools with me were fetched. I am aiming for an unfinished natural look
so these tools could do the job. First thing was to sand the top of the logs
to get rid of saw tooth marks. Flap disc on an angle grinder chews these
up easily . Again, safety gears are important here as
wood chips fly everywhere. Once done , sanding with a sand paper helps
get a better finish The first project is colour pencil stand. Using my kid’s mechanics toy, the log was
marked where holes needed to be drilled. I thought of lining them up and securing with
a tape , but I figured it might get caught in the drill and fling on my face. Punch holes were made for the drill bit to
catch , makes it a lot easier later. Drill bit was chosen to the corresponding
size of a pencil, approximately 10 mm Using the drill press stand, holes were made. Once done , the pencil were inserted and it
looks cool. To make the colour of the log darker, it was
oiled using a rag and let to dry overnight Then a few coats of wood polish were added
to preserve the wood. With this we complete our first project. The next project is very simple. heat pads for the dining table. Thin strips of logs were sanded. By oiling and finishing with wood polish we
are almost done Adding a bit of decorative touch helps. The heat pads are done but these could be
used for so many things, imagination is the key For this third project , The core of the log
will be hollowed and made into a wood log planter or a flower vase
The inspiration comes from Steve Ramsey’s video. in fact i will be the first video to pop-up if are looking to make something with tree logs Thank you Steve The center was marked for the part to be scooped out. This log is large and so wouldn’t fit in
my drill stand. So using a spade bit , it was drill manually. The plan was to make multiple holes and then
chisel the center part After an hour, there wasn’t much progress. Therefore I headed out to the hardware store
to get a forstner bit and the maximum size available in the shop was 25 mm. Even this did not help and I went back to
chiselling it and I took 4 hours to hollow it out. Using a homemade spindle , Inspired by Jack Houweling’s video The edges were sanded smooth. a flap disc was mounted on the drill to access
the bottom. After finishing the log with oiling and polish,
It was time to plant something in there. Let me try a few things here
Placing a bunch of artificial flowers and filling it up decorative stone makes a nice
table top vase. You could try different options here I designed this to grow lucky bamboo.A although it can hold water, for easy access and cleaning, a pet bottle was cut and placed inside. Then placing the bamboo inside adds to that
feng shui touch. This can be made into a planter but a drainage
hole must be drilled in the bottom. But this log particularly comes from Neem tree
which could shunt the growth of a main plant. It’s a bit of concern. The fourth project is a treasure chest
The centre of the log was scooped out as previously shown. When the logs were cut, a specific portion
was chosen for the lid and the base. After oiling and wood polish, the lid was
nailed with the base for sliding action for opening and closing. There are magnets inside the wood to hold
the lid in place, but are not strong enough. It could be nice thing to store my coin collection
and old currency. But this will be better cherished by my wife. For the 5th project, A log was hollowed out
too. But this time it going to stand up vertical,
housing a glass container and in this case its going to be a light bulb. See my video on light bulb terrarium on how
to hollow the light bulb. Just to emphasis, clear the broken glass pieces
immediately There is a hole on top of the setup to pour
water and the light bulb is secured with hot glue. Just for sake of demonstration, I am keeping
a single bamboo plant in there, Feng shui recommends specific numbers of stalks for
specific kind of energy For the six and final project, A simple log
was cut, and coated with wood polish. Two holes were made and these would house
two candles. You might have guessed it; it’s going to
be a candle stand. Just so the wood doesn’t catch up on fire
two washer are placed. A piece of aluminium foil was cut, rolled
and inserted into those slots and now we are done. Tiny holes were drilled and artificial leaves
were glued to complete the project. SO there you have it, ^ projects from the
wood and many more yet to come. I try different things so would take break
and come to it later. I hope you liked my video, if you do please
share comment and subscribe. Making YouTube videos in not my primary profession. I do a regular job for a living and DIY my
passion. All I am requesting you is to subscribe to
my channel and spread the word in social media. Thank you for making it this far. I will be back with another interesting and
entertaining video next week. Untill then BYE

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