Triple D Paint Home Improvements – FREE Bedroom Painting Giveaway.

all right guys how you doing we're here again remember we was doing a giveaway paint the room for free so we already have a winner we're here in her house we bout to get in to see what she wants all right people we here with Miss Debbie the winner of the paint job we're gonna ask them two questions one how you feelin happens over here in your house today blast yeah well good thing about it tell us what you did to wind it I signed up on Facebook got your advertisement on Facebook and Bartman here we go you see well this is the room mrs. Davis you wanted paint you know we're gonna see a little situations in the wall that we need to repair we are going to take care of any nail holes any texture when you repairing the walls before painting and we are going to apply primer on the walls and all new drywall spots and besides that we are going to paint our baseboards we're gonna apply caulking it they need it and we are going to paint their doors she have actually two doors right now and we are going to prime send them and apply caulking anyplace is needed so she's going to pick the color which color she would like to have she's she can have three colors one for the doors trim one for the walls and she can actually have apps on walls in her rooms we are going to use over here middle chairman William products miss Lilly so once you get the colors you let us know and we are going to schedule of the project when we can study on your convenience okay in the meantime um we actually we're gonna be recording when the people is doing the job and once we finish we are going to talk mrs. Davis and see if she approved the job okay guys I will see you then thank you thank you morning everyone well we're here today and we are in the way to mrs. Debra's house of the winner of the console with it to pay her room from free so I want you to guys pay attention what we're going to do let's go ahead and keep you posted stay back okay okay guys how you guys doin' we're here with mr. Deborah and we actually we ready finished a project of her rooms and like you can see and now we want to thank Sharon Williams store number 2107 is located sure on Lauren City their providers the material to do this page Aloha so what do you think whatever excellent I'm very happy very grateful so ha ha how was your experience with Triple D paint very good they did a great job the gentlemen were very very professional had good manners polite they cleaned up after themselves and they were very efficient nice well you what do you think about the quality of the job excellent thank you very happy will you recommend us to other people absolutely you will absolutely I'll recommend you highly recommended well like for everybody you know whoever see in this video we are doing this every month so we're going to choose another winner to do a paint and their room the walls and doors so if you want to subscribe and follow us on Facebook do it so we can do the same thing while we're there mr. Deborah tell them what you did to get dismissed ever what was the process I just signed up on Facebook and I respect are you ordered do you we doing this one we pay you to do this no you made me enough by blessing me in coming and doing my room complimentary this I'm doing this one people know this is real we are not trying to come to your house and sell you something else no no we've been blessing so as the reason we want to help other people you know and what we do so go ahead and do that so we can help you too right mr. Deborah absolutely thank you thank you see you soon

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