Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony London

Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony London

ROBERTS LONDON HI Guys welcome back to London
tonight I have come to Charing Cross station I’am headed just down here to Trafalgar Square
tonight this evening I want to take a look at this years Trafalgar Square Christmas tree
and tonight they are switching on the Christmas tree lights so tonight is the perfect night
to see the tree in all its glory now there are a lot of Christmas trees here in London
this is possibly the most symbolic you can see all these official cars there will be
mayors and diplomats this is a tradition that is dated since the nineteen forty’s since
its a tradition that dates back to nineteen forty seven each year since the people of
Norway send the people of Britain Christmas trees different cities in Norway send different
cities in the UK a tree the city of Oslo sends the city of London a tree and it takes pride
of place here in Trafalgar Square you can see well I don’t know if you can see this
years well I don’t know if you can see this years tree because it is not lit up yet it
is in the dark I will show you I’am sure it will look a lot more festive in a little while
when they switch the lights on but yeah since nineteen forty seven the people of Norway
have sent the people of Britain Christmas trees each Christmas the reason for that is
during the second world war Ze Germans invaded and occupied Norway and the Norwegian Government
and the Norwegian Royal Family were able to escape occupation and came here to the UK
they were welcomed in London and called London home for the duration of the war and lived
here in exile so yeah as a sign of gratitude and our continued friendship today and in
the years since Norway has sent Britain Christmas trees and yeah I’am here to hopefully take
a look at this years they are generally fifty or sixty years old it looks way over twenty
meters tall TV crews now there will be the mayor of Westminster
giving a speech and diplomats from Norway ambassadors lets hope they keep it brief it
is just above freezing this evening two or three degrees I think lets try and find a
good spot the tree will remain here until the twelfth day of Christmas and there will
be carol services here charity carol services most evenings which you can come and watch
and the tree will very much be the focus of them so yeah hopefully I’ll be able to pop
back later in the month as well but tonight I’am hoping to get a first glimpse of the
tree in all its glory maybe catch some carols this evening as well OK i’am going to find
a good spot The Salvation Army band are here I can hear them warming up I’ll find a good
spot and then hopefully catch the ceremony OK from either side of the stage you can get
quite a good view of the stage and I’ll be able to get quite good quite a good view of
the guests giving their speeches and I would imagine there will be some children singing
choirs however it is not the best view to watch the the tree lights get switched on
in fact I don’t actually think they pup the TV crews in the best location they pup the
TV crews in front of the National gallery looking down at the tree from there and Nelsons
column but probably the best view is from the back here because you get the tree lit
up with the back drop of the National gallery but yeah they actually put the TV crews they
cordon off the steps that lead up from Trafalgar Square to the National gallery there but I
guess it stands out the tree will stand out better against the dark background but a dark
background is not as spectacular as the gallery this is what I mean this is the view from
in front of the gallery where they pup the TV crews you see they pup the TV crews here
just behind that crowd so you can’t get too good a shot of the stage anyway because there
are TV cameras in the way but I’am pretty confident the view is better in the square
itself OK the Salvation Army bank are starting OK I’ve been given the song sheet with all
the words so we can have a good sing along to the Salvation Army band they are also giving
these out to the whole crowd so everyone can sing along and there is the the story the
history on the back let me read it to you it is a better explanation that I than I gave
The Oslo tree a symbol of friendship when Norway was invaded in nineteen forty the king
of Norway Haakon Hakon? lets go with Haakon the seventh sought refuge in Britain and the
Norwegian government was established in London to most Norwegians London represented the
spirit of freedom during these difficult war years from London news broadcasts were made
in Norwegian and this inspired the people of Norway and kept there hope of freedom alive
the Oslo Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square has come to symbolise the close and warm relationship
between the people of Norway and the people of Britain Norwegians are pleased and honoured
to see that this token of their friendship probably the most famous Christmas tree in
the world has become so much a part of Christmas for Londoners and its lighting up ceremony
has come to signify the beginning of the Christmas season in the heart of the British capital
the tree a Norwegian spruce comes from one of Oslo’s own forests it has been chosen with
great care and was ear marked for its place of honour in London several years ago it is
a twenty two meter high one hundred and sixteen years old and in keeping with the Norwegian
tradition is decorated with white low energy lights so yeah that probably made things a
little clearer than I did earlier so that is why we are here I’am going to go and listen
to the band have a sing along I’ve got the words and we will come back for the lighting
of the tree OK are you ready for this years tree The National anthems of Great Britain
and Norway Finally I would like to thank you all for coming tonight and I hope you have
enjoyed the ceremony as Lord Mayor of Westminster and first citizen of this amazing city I want
to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and to our Norwegian friends god jul now please
join me in our closing carol O’Come all ye faithful pretty cool huh now it is Christmas
in London I hope you enjoyed this this trip to Trafalgar Square to check out this years
tree it looks amazing the choir are singing now I’am going to head off it won’t be the
last time I see that tree this festive season so yeah thanks for watching I hope you I hope
you enjoyed this this visit Thank You Norway Thank You Oslo until next time Toodles!


  • JoeltheGeek

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    wow what a cool tradition and the tree is amazing!

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    Thank you so much Roberts for showing us the great city of London!

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    December 4, 2016

    When shall we expect to see your tree and decorating video this year…get a bigger one and have it delivered this time…lol

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    December 4, 2016

    never been to London ,always wanted to go. nice tree though. looks like a,festive time to be had by all then 😉

  • Lifeiseternal

    December 4, 2016

    Roberts, your videos of London are the best. So informative and interesting. I'm originally from London but moved away so many years ago. Have learned quite a bit just from watching your videos. Always good to see my City in all it's splendour and glory and what it offers…especially those little known places, such as Kingly Court. Thanks!

  • Jason Thomas

    December 5, 2016

    My family is heading to London for the first time in two weeks. Your videos have been a great help. We are staying in Kensington and your video of Harrod's and the surrounding area was great. Thanks!!!

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    I watched all ur videos I subscribe and all my familly subcribe too I love what ur doing thanks a lot I love London I wish I can come this year ,Im not vr far .

  • Bella Sissi

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    I hv a lot of nice memories in London 😊

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    I've been to London two weeks ago! Such beautiful! Marvellous! Wonderful! I've loved it so much! Best regards from Brazil.

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    Our countries stand united. Greetings from Norway. 🙂

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    January 3, 2017

    Well, look Vilnius christmas tree of 2016 you will be shocked for sure.

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