Trading Spaces DIY Tips

one trend everybody should try this year is different color appliances we're always going with the stainless steel now we have color and we can utilize it and some of these manufacturers utilize it in the best way incorporating floral prints into your home it does have to be an old fashioned floral but a nice modern sort of graphic floral print remember when you were younger and your mother told you not to wear gold and silver together will guess what you can mix your metals now so everybody should be trying to mix their metals at home I'm one that doesn't actually follow trends I think the trend for you is what your personality is and how you really want to live and put that in and make the trend of yours I think in the past we've really seen a lot of people trying to bring the outdoors in this is a great way to bring the outdoors inside your home with farm animals just make sure you got lots of paper towels definitely the way to Marie Kondo your life is to at least just get rid of things that you're not using I just sit in my own home and I've freed up so much space it feels so good we can actually see our clothes which is the beauty of Marie Kondo because now you can see what shirts you're digging out of the drawers and what they're folded like like she folds them upwards you can see all your clothes and you can know which one you're not going to use or you haven't used in my community I purge every three months I hate having too much stuff around so if I haven't used it it gets donated if you're not using it every day and it's like it's just for show then you need to put it somewhere in a display case you don't have a display case and it needs to be displayed outside next to the garbage can and then the other thing is it's really cleansing especially be gone through a bad breakup just burn everything should be something we do every five years or so I think it's really scary for people to think that you know they have to go through and take everything out all at once and start over take baby steps and find that piece that really makes you happy get rid of the other here's my go-to design tip hire a designer they know what they're doing spatial arrangement make sure you know what furniture you're gonna bring in and make sure it's not too big and bulky or slim and small because then the room is not gonna feel right energetically it's not gonna feel right definitely not going to look right I see this happen all the time rug sizes are not correct you want your furniture pieces at least the front two legs to sit on the rug no floating rugs nothing too oversized all right now this comes from experience because I've ripped off somebody's roof and I've looked down and a married couple was still sleeping even though the guy told us like nope I want you here at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow and I remember her saying that's it I'm done and so remember that renovation can also lead to divorce but my biggest tip before you start any project in renovation is don't be stupid it's not smart what I like to do is start with the fabrics that way I know I can go out I can you know find something that's economical and I could always find other furniture and paint colors to put with it but you know if you go out and try to find a fabric after you put everything else together you may have to spend a lot of money to find something that really works for everything else

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