Tour of a Brand New Home off Homestead, FL Turnpike Exit 6

hey today we're looking at the sella it's a four-bedroom three-bath new car garage home in writeable incredible and yes in a single story a lot of people like that note there is to hike you have over 2,700 square foot come in here let me get a shot of this dining room so they can just see ya how open all this is it and then you have this water room over here in specific where garage uh-huh we won't go in longer yeah that would be the laundry room you have the a/c handler to my left here we will go in the garage because we have some storage in there right now but I'm following you Oh kitchen and look at this beautiful kitchen the cabinets that go almost all the way to the ceiling with this little gap and look at the rich color there and it's just stunning come over here let's go look at that as the vapor look at this master suite you're gonna love it it's a split plan with the master over here and two on the what would be my southern end you have the 3 bedroom right look at this beautiful ceiling sort of a tray ceiling and then look at this huge master bath and closet I'm calling Ana into the bathroom here you have not a double vanity you have two vanity that's right in the two individual bed and then you have let me just show off this closet this thing is massive with the crawlspace in the closet one two three and a staffing that they share this is the shared bathroom for the other three bedrooms that are here so once again how many better since in South Ana it's a 4 bedroom 3 full baths and a two-car garage over 2,700 square feet

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