Top Design Elements: Contemporary Farmhouse – Aspire Fine Homes

Top Design Elements: Contemporary Farmhouse – Aspire Fine Homes

[MUSIC] Want to know the top five design
elements in a contemporary farm house? Hi, I’m David Gordon
with Whitestone Builders. One of the first would
be antique wood beams. So, in this house right here, you’re
gonna see we have antique wood beams. These particular ones are box beams,
they’re not solid beams. They’re actually boxed
out of antique wood, which is a little bit more
affordable way to do it. And another item would be an apron sink or
a farmhouse sink. This is really one of the key features. You’ve gotta put one if
you want a farmhouse. And the next one would be a barn door. So, barn doors are fantastic. Especially to close up an area
that you want private. It could be closing a study, closing a pantry,
closing dining room doors are very nice. Ship lab, this has been very popular
from the fixing upper show and this is a great element to
put in a particular area. So you might put it in
just the dining room, or you might put it in a stairwell, right? You don’t wanna do your whole house with
it, but you wanna to do just an area. And another one would
be open rafter tails. So on the exterior of the house, if you’re able to put open rafter tails,
that really gives that farm house feel. So if you’ve enjoyed this video
of the top five design elites for a contemporary farm house. You’re gonna love our video
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