The Palermo Properties Team – HomeSmiles Offers Home Maintenance and Safety Checks All in One

I am work learned oh and I'm Kirsten Hagen and we're with Apple emerald properties team at Keller Williams in San Carlos you know spring is on its way so we hope the weather's not really cooperating lies in a very moment but we want to introduce you to junker Byrne he's with home smiles and home smiles does a lot of things I think prepare you for the upcoming spring and summer seasons John you want to take it away I will thank you very much for the invitation today thank you so host miles is an annual home maintenance program for single-family homes townhomes and condos we have a package that is an interior package and an exterior package we take care of 18 items in your home all items that should be done on most homes on an annual basis so of the points that we provide for your home I'm going to talk about a few of them right now top one is gutter cleaning many people do it at all times of the year whether it's January July or November depending on your home there's leaves falling and your gutters need to be taken care of with that gutter cleaning is also downspout cleaning we also provide exterior window washing we have a deionised window washing system that will clean your windows and we'll get your loans and we'll get your trim and your sills and the windows dry streak and spot free which is great dryer vent cleaning is a big item as well there are numerous fires every year and a couple happened just recently from dryer vents and those need to be cleaned annually as well from the lint that builds up we also service the garage door lubricate the wheels and the tracks and make sure that's functioning properly we also perform a safety test on the garage door which is a safety item for small kids it's a pressure test and we do check that as well and we will change the batteries on a remote device that opens a garage door and will change the light bulbs in your garage door that one of them always goes out at some point when homes are sold in California there's a state law that the carbons and smokes have to be up to code as long as along with the water heater strapping in home smiles we will verify that all carbons and smokes are in the appropriate location and that they are current and we also can verify that the water heater strapping is correct or add it to bring it up to Kurt code thank you I really appreciate it you know I've used home smiles for several of my clients so over a half dozen actually and they all absolutely love it I also use it as a closing gift from you my clients do they're very appreciative of it so I really would highly recommend you call John and ahold of Smiles the numbers down below and that's it really for today's video on marklar MO and I'm Kirsten Hagan and thank you again to John for being here and I'm glad we got to tell you about this valuable service thanks you

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