The Klaus Team: How to Avoid Home Improvement Mistakes

everybody quick topic today we just wanted to talk about renovation or home improvement mistakes that we tend to see out there in the market a lot of times people don't call us an advance to ask some of the great questions on what's trending and what what the things to do are so some of the mistakes we see is people spending money in places that we wouldn't necessarily recommend meaning the highest ROI or they end up doing improvements that maybe aren't as common place or as mainstream as the market would bear compared to what we see in houses around them meaning a comparison of resale vers new construction or what's happening the third renovation mistake I would say is well just not calling us first you don't have to be buying or selling just to give us a call and ask some questions we'd be happy to come out take a quick look at the house give you ideas of where the best dollars would be spent for those who have attended our homeowner workshop and for those who look for the upcoming dates that we're doing every month at our office a lot of what we go through in that workshop is kind of tips and tricks on renovation whether it's just replacing some fixtures and door hardware sometimes updating some cabinets or flooring but all within a budget but gets the best return on investment so whether you're thinking about selling now or in a year or two or three why not enjoy some of those improvements yourself instead of doing them for other people so give us a call we've got a list of great resources for you to get bids you don't have to do anything just get the knowledge and then also where the money would be best spent so when it is time to sell you're getting the most return for your money so avoid these mistakes give us a quick call Noah no cost no no obligation we just are here to help make sure that your home is a professionally maintained to get the most out of it so call us if you need Home Services and then preparing the home for market or for the future market we can give you a lot of great tip bits and tricks that we've seen so as always your local market experts here to help you with every facet of your house and look forward to continuing the conversation thanks so much

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