The Best Way to Reduce Rental Property Maintenance Costs in Sarasota by Sarasota Property Management

hello again this is Scott corbridge brokerage Sarasota management and leasing yeah we've been servicing the sarasota and manatee county areas for the past 20-plus years and today's blog topic is what is the best way to reduce rental property maintenance costs in your home your rental property this is a critical part of the cash flow equation obviously the more your expenses unless your profitability and the inverse is also true taking a proactive approach to maintenance issues will improve your bottom line and your profits not only that it will attract more tenants that will they would be willing to pay more money your rental revenues will go up so all in all it is a very good idea not to cut corners as far as keeping your property in good maintenance condition so first point is pro activity number one if you've got your property in good condition what you need to have before you put it on the rental market and it's good and clean everything works properly then it's important to document the condition of the property prior to somebody moving in so that you can at the end of the rental period you don't have arguments over what was there what was damaged what was not the worst case scenario if you have to go to court you need to be able to prove the condition of the property once you move a tenant into the property it's very important to do periodic inspections there's two reasons for this one is looking for unreported maintenance being proactive on the maintenance side of things and number two is to check on how the tenant is doing see if they're paying that if they're taking good care of the property if they're have any any unreported least violations or unauthorized occupants or pets so I'm the maintenance side of things once you're doing your maintenance checks you need to be looking for any leaks under stinks be surprised how many times if you don't open up the cabinet stick your hand under the sink and feel for any wetness something like that could develop into a mold issue which is a problem here in Florida when you have moisture and heat and that has a whole series of potential problems and liabilities that you really want to avoid you want to check your air conditioning filters make sure that the tenant understands and is following through make sure that the filters are being changed on a regular basis here in Florida we recommend air conditioning filters be changed every month during the heat seasons when the air conditioning is running a lot and every two months during the offseason reason for this is if you have a dirty of air conditioning filter and it restricts the airflow your condition your system is going to work twice as hard and last about half as long and have a lot more repairs so you want to avoid that by doing inspections which is the only way to be proactive and make sure that this is being taken care of it being done other things that you have to look for in Florida are potential signs of termite damage termite in inhabitation when we're going into the heat seasons we need to make sure that the air conditioning systems are properly serviced so they'll make it through the difficult season similarly as you're going into the cooler seasons in Florida you've got more oil even heat pumps different kind of heat than you have up north but you need to make sure that your system is serviced properly and everything is working prior to the very few times and the in the Florida winter is when it dips down in close to the freezing point leaks in the ceiling you want to look for the kind of leaks that can cause other potential problems down the road now another thing that you can do to make sure that your properties being well maintained the to minimizing your maintenance costs is do a thorough background check and screening on the 10 that you are moving into your property we always make it a point to interview previous landlords in addition to checking eviction records and making sure that there's no other problems out there in public records it's very important to track them down and talk with the people who were the prior landlords they pay their rent on time did they take good care of the property were they easy to work with as far as taking care of maintenance and doing the things they need to do or letting the workers in to do the repairs that the owner is responsible for the last thing is you really need to have a skilled property manager a property manager can help minimize your expenses number one because they can get things repaired at a lower price than generally an individual owner can but also you want to make sure that they they have have some knowledge of the workings of a property how to triage a property maintenance issue that can be handled maybe by the phone instead of having to send an important and expensive vendor out to check the property out whether you're going to send a handyman or a licensed contractor out those things are decisions that need to be made that can overall affected level of maintenance expense that you have on your property and thereby return improve your return on investment that's it for reducing property maintenance costs thanks for checking in you

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