The 2019 New American Home: Phase 5

right now at the new American home we're kind of at the home stretch part of the project where we're just getting everything in and trying to meet our deadline in the kitchen and master bedroom and the study we have Lee O'Hare cabinets going in and Lee O'Hare provided the cabinet is a really nice European modern look in the secondary bathrooms we have Kohler vanities so Kohler provided us with the option to use some of their prefabricated vanities so our designers went chose the ones they liked that fit the home fest we have a lot of really interesting slabs that went on the main countertops in the kitchen and also in the master bath they're actually everywhere they're provided from Caesarstone a really pinnacle point of the house right when you walk up to the house you'll see what we call the karat and it's a vertical surface right when you walk up to the home it's meant to look like a giant stone fell from the sky and just went right through the roof and grounded right in our front yard the slab material that we chose for this piece is from ant aleni and it's called lime explosion and I think when people see it when they walk the new American home they'll know exactly why I think the interior designers did a really good job carrying this material out throughout the home they used it in the kitchen and outdoor kitchen and they actually carried the colors through all the furniture and you'll see that green color that Sherwin Williams provided us for one of the bedrooms the exterior of the home is coming together really nicely to our pool turned out fantastic when you walk in through the home you see that infinity edge over the pool is the strip right there picture-perfect for you once you're done in the pool we've got a special area the outdoor shower you're hidden by this really unique moon screen is what we call it we've got a lot of entertainment areas in this home we've got a lot of fire pits we've got these big fire bowls provided by RH Petersen but I think the best part is the keg island we've got the island actually made out of the aunt aleni slab and the keg provided by RH Petersen that's definitely gonna be where everyone's at the backyard I know the team is working day and night on this project and we're just really excited to show the finished product you

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  • Butler Brown Jr

    April 14, 2019

    Where is this home located?


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