The 2018 New American Remodel™: Phase 3

with the new American remodel now we are enclosed we're drywalled I'm I'm really excited about it I'm happy that the construction the heavy part of it is really behind us I would have to say our number one big current challenge will always be the weather at this time of the year we get about what appears to be about two inches a day these big thunderstorms and they wash everything out so we've been very lucky to be able to be able to go in between all the rains at this point on the exterior we are completing the stone on the retaining walls that are outside by the street level on the rear of the home we are completing the brickwork I'm very happy about the pace that we're able to obtain now I'm happy that I can start bringing all the trades into the house we have painters we have tile men trim carpenters elevator people here that are working and more inside the house and of course decisions are being made very quickly here we're making decisions almost daily to keep moving the crews on everything is really coming together and working together beautifully we thought we would like to try to retain the original oak floors that are in the house because it's just such a part of the original charm during construction and especially in this room were standing in we had to take out and destroy a good part of it so it became clear that we needed to start over we really wanted it to match the aesthetic of the home and look like we never touched it the flooring company that we work with is called authentic reclaimed it's a family-run business at Georgia they secure and they know actual reclaimed wood from all all over the United States in the living room and the dining room were doing a herringbone pattern in this in this reclaimed oak so the perimeter of the room will be run straight and then we'll have herringbone which is both authentic and kind of new at the same time now the kind of the fun starts for me because I love color and the surfaces and seeing everything that we've chosen all these months starts to come to life

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