The 2018 New American Home: Phase 3

this community is about 105 feet above sea level it's one of the higher elevations in the state of Florida and that gave us a great view of the lake it gave us this rolling landscape but it also presented us with some challenges for the grade get in the house at the right level being able to build up the back deck in the pool area we're almost 30 feet higher at the street than we are at the back of our property so we've created these different levels taking that obstacle and turning into an opportunity to create something cool so in this community on this project we had to bring in a lot of dirt we had to bring this slab up higher and we had to tear the backyard to be able to accommodate the pool and whatnot one of the products that we found was most revolutionary and being able to do that is the stone from Heritage block the neat thing about that block is as you can see it's one block but it looks like it's multiple stones on the front it's a retaining wall system allows us to go completely vertical without stepping back it doesn't require any concrete footers any kind of concrete fill or mortar it's basically the block and fill when you run into challenges and how you deal with those challenges is really what makes the house interesting and neat at the end and that is what makes this backyard and the rear elevation unique and we really think it's going to show well you

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