The 2018 New American Home: Phase 1

legacy custom-built was founded ten years ago here in Central Florida we do mostly custom homes we have an incredible team of design and construction together to create legacy custom built and we decided to do a new Tuscans architecture in the community of la colina the concept behind the new American homes to try to develop something that would appeal to a broad demographic of people so we're going to have thousands of people that are going to visit this home and we want people to be able to walk through this house where we enter the home and immediately feel like they could just move in and feel completely at home this house is going to be 66 hundred square feet on their air conditioned space approximately 10,000 square foot under roof it's a five bedroom five and a half bath house with a focus on the outdoor living lifestyle we're taking open plans and even making them more open if that's possible where we have the great room for the family room open to the dining room open to the kitchen and then they daisy chain into more open spaces beyond that it's a very open plan but we do have satellite areas where people can actually kind of get away from each other outdoor spaces are definitely as much of room as the indoor spaces the backyard of the property is a amazing feature of the home with multiple levels the pool being multiple levels as well as different living areas so we've kind of put a new and modern transitional twist to that tough condition we one from new American home 2018 the Theia not just a great house but even better home we are currently breaking ground digging footers removing trees we're bringing in dirt there's quite a bit of pitch from one side of the property to the other front to back so the foundation is quite complicated and it is going to be in the process for the next 30 days we're going to build the pad of the house higher so we can take advantage of the great views we have here at 118 feet above sea level and having the views we have overlooking Lake Apopka and the natural landscape behind that we just feel this is a phenomenal opportunity to showcase the new American home 2018

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