The 2016 New American Home Tour with The Design Tourist

welcome to the 2016 new American home it's the official show home of the International Builder so here in Henderson Nevada this is a place where you'll discover the next big thing the trendsetters are you ready let's get started I'm here with Josh Moser he is the architectural designer of the 2016 new American home and we are outside on the sky deck right off the VIP suite is spectacular view below well it was very important for us to have the home kind of rest on the existing topography on the site we didn't want it to be unsightly with retaining walls and just kind of sticking out as a sore thumb on the side of the hill so we kind of designed it so that it teared down three levels down the hill and by doing that we were able to take advantage of the spectacular views that we have on all three levels the inspiration for the exterior of the home came from the beautiful deep dark colored rocks so many of the interior spaces have feature walls very intense deep colored rock so that was my canvas that I was to start with and I've worked very hard to create a balance and a softening effect throughout the home to counterbalance it you know that's very odd so this is my absolute favorite feature in the master suite it's this linear fire feature embedded in the rock wall if you look in the master bedroom we have a turquoise and bronze wallpaper very textural and I think that's something that you know we definitely try to include a lot of in the house it's a lot of texture because it really gives that bland feeling throughout the space I'm beginning to see at the coffee station appear in the master suite and guest suites of higher in homes this one is a built-in coffee station by Thermidor and underneath our refrigeration drawers to store your milk and your breakfast foods we have warming drawers in bathrooms and microwave drawers and of course you know they're under counter refrigerators so the new American home could be a party pad with the butler's pantry just off the kitchen it's completely outfitted to accommodate catering for entertaining and this is the VIP suite it's for the guests and they have the best seat in the house top floor bird's-eye view of the Vegas strip below the VIP suite is really what I think is the high point of the home literally they're the only ones on this level so anytime you have guests come they're really giving them the best experience possible best seat in the house yes for us you know this is our second new American home and this go-around we really took the whole process so we were responsible for architecture into construction and interior design and so I think one of things I'm most proud of is just the cohesiveness of the plan and the home as a whole and really the way it's carved through the mountain we designed it so that the home actually wraps around this what we're calling Central Park area and you're able to see that space from anywhere you are in the home and it was designed that way because being in Vegas the summer heat can get pretty severe so we designed it so that the home actually protects that space so the majority of the year you'll have shade in it surprise and welcome to the Home Office which is secretly hidden to one side the main level entertaining spaces are phenomenal I think outdoor kitchens are you know huge and going to continue to be big and really what we're taking those now is making it its own room it's a destination and a place where people really you know where life happens that that to me and so I say goodbye to the 2016 your American home here in Vegas as the Sun sets and the fire features ignite here in one of its many courtyards until the design torus travels again stay tuned and stay inspired

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