The 2012 New American Home – Phase 8

after months of hard work long hours the 2012 new American home is finally complete crews have worked tirelessly to make sure that every detail of the spectacular home shines everything about this house came together as we envisioned it and I think Phil who designed the home as an architect and built it as the Builder did an outstanding job the process was awesome it was a great experience I think that anybody that has the opportunity to build a new American home should jump at it I do it again in a heartbeat the goal was to take it to the next level and everybody had seen it so far says that Phil accomplished it I'm thrilled I'm thrilled with the way the house works the product that's in the house the participation of all the vendors the participation of the trades it was just an extraordinary experience the home has many spectacular features such as its outdoor living areas suspended stairway and its very own art gallery with pieces from all over the world get these top-of-the-line features that make this house unique took months of preparation hard work and communication there was a call from somebody that says that there's no way they're gonna complete this house you've got to figure this one out and so we came back and literally went into 12-hour days seven days a week with 50 60 70 people working here every day everybody seemed to be really on board and part of the team there's some heroes in this group the home encompasses the highest standard of architectural design requiring intricate and well-thought-out plans yet sometimes the surprises along the way turned out to be some of the greatest features of the home this spectacular limestone floor for instance was not in the initial design although chosen in a crunch after the original product became unavailable it's smooth modern look quickly became a favorite element of the house but that's just part of the process and I'm very proud of all the parts and of it how some of the surprises ended up being the best parts of the house as the VIP party commences the house is an incident hit guests fall in love with a contemporary design unique charm and creative detailing that Phil keen designs envisioned subtle additions such as water features and LED lighting give the home a cutting edge view the landscaping inside the privacy even though it's you know it's pretty much in the city you still feel like there's a lot of privacy upstairs the balcony is just they have the clear glass or solar on the roof it's just very sleek and modern but warm the overall experience is incredible the flow of the home is wonderful and you know really really enjoyed what I've seen this evening it's clear that professionals have made this home a true success displaying the latest in design comfort and efficiency and creating the pinnacle of contemporary style all the professionals in our industry that attend the IBS can come to this house and find the architectural the interior design and the latest and greatest and product in one home one stop shop it's great this year's house proves yet another achievement for the new American home to see more and tour this amazing home plan on attending the International Builders Show in Orlando February 8th through the 11th we hope to see you there you

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