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hey guys so I just wanted to say a big massive thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your guys's love and support and sweet sweet comment on my last video and also the very very sweet and kind messages that you guys have been sending me I have not been able to get to them all and bear with me I definitely want to I got a lot of like private messages and everything I have read them all as far as what's come in but I haven't had this chance to respond to all of them yet but I just wanted to say thank you and words don't even scratch the surface saying thank you and saying that I'm grateful for you guys is just so inadequate to how I actually feel and yeah I was really nervous to post that video and I actually haven't stuff that had just been kind of weighing on my heart for a while and I kind of I gotten to the point where I felt like I wanted to get off my chest I thought you know what I'm going to record it and I probably won't post it but I felt like recording it would help me kind of like they tell you that if you're mad at someone to like write them a letter and sometimes the act of writing the letter makes it toward you feel better and you don't actually have to have the confrontation or anything like that so that was kind of my plan and the reason why I didn't want to post it and in my video I said that I felt like it was the 5% that was rude and nasty and judgmental really I feel like it's probably 1% and I just felt like if I was going to make a video addressing my viewers it should be to the 99% it should be to the 1% I don't want to give acknowledgement I don't want to give attention to that 1% I want to focus on the positive and then Joe watch it and he just felt really strongly that I should post it not only to get it off my chest but really I think that everything that I said in that video is deafening every youtuber Joel Zwick I did not expect I saw that that video wasn't going to get a ton of views at all i titled it a message to my haters in for some reason I just thought haters would watch it and I was not expecting the outpouring of love that I got at all and he was just it was just so touching and it it it was just such a sweet reminder of the 99% and it really gave me that boost that I needed to refocus my energy to that 99 percent and that's a promise that I've made myself it's not only a promise that I'm making myself but it's the problems that I'm making you guys that you guys have 100 percent of my focus the 99 percent of the viewers have 100 percent of me and I'm not going to let any tiny little piece of me and focus on that 1% to be honest I have had in the past four years of doing this I have wanted to quit almost warriors but I think it's been quite for years and I wanted to quit probably a dozen times and mostly just because number one the hagas to you number two just the time I don't really get paid on YouTube there's two ways that a youtuber gets paid there's Adsense which is that little commercial or that little ad that you see when you watch a video that you get paid like a penny on and I don't know that it's actually a penny but very little you have to be a very big substantial channel with a lot of views to get any kind of substantial income from that and up until this point and for the first three years of my channel I had 10,000 subscribers like it took me three years to get from 10,000 or from 0 to 10,000 so the money that I was making on ads was like 20 dollars a month and a YouTube channel is a part time to a full-time job so I'm putting in 20 to 40 hours a week into my YouTube channel to get paid 20 quickly the second way that you get paid on YouTube is sponsorship and I have done two two-and-a-half sponsorships in four years the amount of time that I put in versus the money that I've made is not a lot I do want to change that I do want to start doing like one sponsorship a month just because now that I am a mom for me to take 20 30 40 hours a week away from Harper and being a mom to my youtube channel I definitely need to start making it more of a job so that I can justify it but in you but every single time I kind of prayed about quitting I have always gotten the answer so strongly like a slap of the face no keep going you are on the path that I want you on this is what you're meant to be doing and I've been like no I think that that got the wrong person after posting that video the comments and the messages and the stories that you guys have sent me gave me just a little glimpse she needs gaming is a little glimpse into why I'm doing this and why Heavenly Father wants me to do this message is where you guys have told me that my videos have helped you get over depression have helped you find joy and motherhood have helped you through cancer through helped you help you through a loss of a child I'm just like I don't know how my silly little tiny silly little piece of the internet has helped you guys have brought joy into your gardens life I that is mind-blowing to me but I'm so grateful I can't even explain to you just how humbling that is and how much it means to me that you guys bring me into your life and so um I just wanted to say thank you thank you for the support and love that you've given me I do this for you I do this because of those message that you guys have sent me that is why I keep going that is why I have my channel that is why I put the time into it and it's because of you guys I love you and I'm grateful for you and thank you and from here on out the 99% has a hundred percent of my focus and my energy so I knew happy Saturday and we have an extremely busy Saturday my father-in-law is coming tomorrow for a week and then a week after my father-in-law gets here my mother-in-law is coming for a month I am so flippin excited the house is 100% not ready to do to do to do do do-do-do stood look at all his bosses over there and stuff ya do to do to do elevator music doo de doo de doo de doo doo doo doo um oh I hate it when your mascara goes up the last night I had decorated the upstairs bathroom I had gone to Target I had hung up the little pictures I had wanted to hang up and I had gone to target a couple weeks before and had gotten a shower curtains I hung that up area rugs down or the little bath rugs and so I got that bathroom pretty well presentable there's still definitely something I would like to do with it and then after that I kind unloaded a box full of like knickknacks and stuff I haven't known what to do with those knickknacks because most of them went on our last entertainment center we don't have that entertainment center anymore so I've just been like what do I do with this stuff and so I've been kinda just like finding little nooks and crannies in the house to put those little knickknacks we're also going to the lake because I'm considering having Harper's first birthday at the lake I don't know if that's a bad idea or a good idea if any of you guys have had like a one-year-olds birthday party at a lake before let me know how that went I don't know it's a good idea or a bad idea but I think it would be really really fun so that is our day to day kind of pre-planning scoping at Harper's birthday and just getting the house to where my father and like can come tomorrow and it looks okay so I finally have these shelves decorated the way that I want I love that on the bottom of this plate it says love and so you can see just a little peek of it I'm really happy with the way that it came out I was a little bit more confused as to how to decorate these shelves that I thought I was going to be and then right here I have my little owl cookie jar and then just a little plan here I'll bring over 40 hey guys um today's Monday this vlog is probably very sporadic and jumpy so I apologize for that and I also am aware that I wear the same shirt all of the time we actually have not unpacked our closet yet and so I have just been living on the clothes that I packed in the suitcase so I've been living on like five pairs of shirts my purse is shoes one pair of flip-flops vibratin shirt two jeans and a couple of dresses for the past like month and a half and yeah it's been okay so this is our bedroom it probably doesn't look like much right now but this was all covered boxes just like this tall all the way over and so we got all of those cleared out and got the room decorated for the most part there's still stuff that I want to do but got most of it done we are still waiting on our blinds we got roman shades to go here like we had in our last bedroom so that will look a lot better in like a month and then here is the Fed area we got new end tables that match the headboard our bed blanket quite magnetic got torn in the move so we need to find a new one and then here is my vanity we got a little bit more of the kitchen done with just like little knickknacks like this place so it was a very busy weekend sorry that this vlog was very jumpy I'm sure but yes kind of a jumpy read all right Harper needs me so um so I'm gonna end it here and then paper it back up the camera and start filming the bits of the week since this Monday so thank you guys so much for all of your love and support and comments and liking and sharing and subscribing and all of that stuff love you guys so much

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