TFLclassics Feature: The Amazing American Hot Rod

howdy folks Nathan adlen here with the fast lane car and the fast lane classics and today we're at a special place where at pinkys rod shop in Windsor Colorado and we're doing a kickoff party for the good guys car show which is going traveling across the country check it out next this is pinky's racha which cope the name pinky well it was actually my college nickname when I went to when I went down to use US city university of southern Colorado and I was in my I wore a pink shirt all the time so my dorm mates just nicknamed me pinky so it stuck wow that's fantastic can you take us through a good tour of your attempt was it done Chelsea yeah it is yeah yeah so essentially what we have is we have 5,000 square feet in this side which which we built first and then we outgrew it in 18 months so it was it was so fast and but we didn't know even know if we could we could fill up the first side 18 months later we have the second side this is our showroom and we usually we used the showroom to assemble cars originally but then but since we added the 5,000 feet on we have a full of clean room or assembly room that can house for cars at the same time instead of just one in here so we use it as a showroom and also I collect automobilia so it's a great place to hang that stuff follow me guys want to show you something kind of funny amazing cars right I believe is a 56 Chevy you have hot rods galore this is just the sidewalk leading into the shop there are hundreds of vehicles here and every single one so far has been extraordinary to look at and some of them don't really look like they're restored but until you look under the hood let me show you one right now right realest no it's not a crate engine but my God look at that it's so pristine this room once we once we built on to the to the building is more of our machine shop and mechanics side where things get staged in here and also just get worked just Norma chemical stuff not a lot of dirty stuff goes on in here more machine work we got a new cnc plasma table but we'll do all of our brackets and we build our all of our own pedal assemblies for brakes and clutches so we're going to do all those we're going to do all that cutting in house now which we used to do on the CNC machine so that's what happens in this in this square footage right here this is and a lot of our customers come from out of state so this is a 32 roadster that we're building for a young doctor out of Houston Texas and then a 56 Chevy that we're building for a gentleman out of New Mexico and then that's a local car that it's a tribute to his dad who had a race car back in the day so we built that as kind of as an old racecar for him so it's kind of a kind of a throwback car even though it's a new car and then the others are just being staged right now to be worked on a little bit more now I've read in an article that each of you that you talk directly to your customers each step along the way to make sure that they are part of the process so absolutely that affect a lot of our customers come here be not to own the car at the end but the build process is really what they enjoy when done oh well some hands on some not but they enjoy the process of designing working with it from people designing parts we can we can make almost anything here so they can they can be involved in that design and manufacturing as well so when the car is done some of them say that oh gosh it's the fun's over so then they start another one or sell it or you're just collect Nathan what is this you want to know that it started as an ins is oh it's a chevy love with a massive v8 when I was a kid a lot of guys started putting these things together and the frames would actually twist because there's so much torque if there is there a common theme in your project or what makes pinkies stand our our specialty for a common theme for our hot rods is really where more hot rod oriented and a butt with with the pinkies twist big wheel and tire combination tall skinnies an old hot rod feel but new technology or machine and our new our own lincoln brakes now that that are modernized but they still have that old racecar feel that and i would say fit and finish and i'll just our level of detail back in 1998 we do we have the update to win the riddler award and that's that I mean that stands true to our to our detail and fitment finish you've won several awards actually yeah for an organization yes yeah I mean the one we're kind of tasted now if we can get to it is the America's most beautiful roadster at the at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona in January every year some year we would really like to have a contender for that particular award that's the one that's the one that's missing on our shelves right now this room here is really where it all goes down this is the heavy fab shop where we are building frames bodies I mean you name it this is where it gets real dirty so right next to this is the clean room this is the dirty room so yeah this is every car in here is a full bill nothing comes in on this side that's a quick mechanical or a quick sheetmetal sod its all full builds these will be turnkey cars when they roll out of here I see now I remember here in about a 1929 fort but that was awhile ago and what l-29 cords yeah what was that here that was probably three years ago yeah it was owned by clive cussler and it's was i think it was one of two ever known to exist and it may be the rumored to be the only one left in existence so we rebodied that entire car for him now we just did a special at hustler do you see him so entirely possible we saw it's very it's very possible yes yes yeah yeah so this is where it all goes down this is that this is just the major part of pinkys all my fab guys stay in here a good majority of the day a couple of us work on the machine shop side and then a couple of us work over in the assembly room today is what we do is we host a good guys kick off party and and good guys is in town for the three days at the Colorado Nationals and they've asked us to do this for I want to say the last seven or eight years and we're happy to do it because it gives it gives people we open up our doors and gives people a real good chance to see exactly what we do excellent form of advertising too oh it's it's unbelievable it takes a lot of time and effort to to put this on but it's it's it's every year we say it's worth it I just worth it to me this has been like Candyland it's a pleasure to meet you thank you for the all right thanks a lot let me be the first to apologize for having the sienna minivan amongst all these cars out here under a refused to move it he said it's a classic speaking of classics I mean this is just the parking area and the reason we're over here is because there's a live band over there the rock and roll / hot rod lifestyle is very much alive in Windsor Colorado and guys if it smells like gas it kicks ass for the fast lane car and fast lane classic so this is Nathan adlen see you next time

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