Test Spa Tub Before Installing – Bathroom Remodeling Tips

here's a situation where we actually got to fill the spot tub up with water before installing it now the reason why we did this was because there were just too many possible problems that could have went wrong with his tub we wanted to make sure that it didn't leak it had a Plexiglas window on the side of it I think this tub had 30 holes in it for special parts that did this and that and I was just worried about it leaking now you're not going to be able to do this on every tub you run into situations where you might have a tub that sits in an opening and if this is the case yeah you're not going to be able to fill it up if you can figure out a way to do it safely great but other than that you know the worst thing you could have happen is a tub that leaks or doesn't really work and you just got through taking it up one flight of stairs into a second-story bathroom so if it works and you can do it and you've got some concerns knock yourself out now there was a problem with this tub it actually had a dented waste and overflow on it now we couldn't just go down to our local Home Improvement Center and pick up another one we needed to contact the manufacturer took him about two weeks to send us out the correct part and then I couldn't put it on anyway it actually worked out to our benefit to test the tub out and we didn't end up installing it anyway because we had a couple other problems with it besides the waste valve so make a long story short it does benefit you every once in a while to test some of these tubs to make sure that they don't leak before you actually install them and check to make sure that they're that they work so that would be the priority number one

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