Termite Damage Estimates and Home Repair Suggestions – Hiring Contractors

like to share a little story with you that happened to me the other day I went out to give an estimate for some termite damage repair and the guy wanted some of the fascia replace that was up on the second-story roof line so would it requires Kathleen to replace this properly and there were other areas of the house that had termite damage so I gave an estimate and I think my estimate was around $2,200 he emailed me back and told me that I was a thousand dollars higher than the person he was going to use so this is a big difference whenever you have a fluctuation in a bid that's almost 50 percent you'd better find another contractor don't just use these two bids as a comparison here this is where a third bid really makes a difference let's say that you get a third bid and it's you have a bid for $2,200 you have a bid for $1,200 and your third bit comes in at $1,900 the guy that's 11 that's $1,200 isn't looking that good anymore now you can always get another bid just to be sure so you in this case you're using for contractors just to get three bids now if you get a fourth bid and it's $1,300 you're it's gonna be a little confusing now but if you get a third bit and it's a little higher you can get a better idea that this guy that gave you the lobe it's not gonna be the best guy to hire on the project so be aware of bid fluctuations and don't just go with the lowest bit contractor cuz you might not get the best value for your money

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