Sunbrella Decorative Piping – Selection Guide

Eric: This video is brought to you by Sailrite.
In this video we will quickly discuss Sunbrella Decorative Piping, and hope that it will help
guide you in your purchase selection. Hi, I’m Eric Grant with Sailrite. Sailrite
stocks many beautiful Sunbrella Decorative Piping trims. These gorgeous piping’s can
be used indoors and outdoors to spice up your cushions, pillows, patio furniture, and much
more. The Sunbrella piping trim matches many of our popular Sunbrella Upholstery Fabrics
that Sailrite stocks. The cording inside is a polypropylene, which
does not soak up water, and is then wrapped elegantly in 100% solution dyed acrylic yarns
for extra-long life and exceptional fade resistance, even in high UV concentrated areas. Sunbrella
Decorative Piping is rather pliable so it can take a turn or curve well. When a sharp
turn is required, the flange is typically slit with scissors at a few locations to allow
the flange to expand so that the piping can take the curve. We recommend sewing this piping
on with a large cording foot, or a roping zipper foot.
You will find many colors and different styles of Sunbrella Decorative Piping trim at Sailrite.
Check them out at I’m Eric Grant, and from all of us here at Sailrite,
thanks for watching.

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