[Sub Commentary] I did the 10HR travel, now all you gotta do is watch – DIARY VLOG || patlogs.

Hey guys welcome back to another vlog. From Bulacan to Vigan, it took us 10 hours to get our first destination, which was the Banaoang Bridge. A very excited Santos family, but also hungry. The driving did not stop, it kept going… and more… I was starting to lose myself being inside the van for so long. Finally on our second location, Baluarte Zoo. It was super hot that day, and you know us Filipino’s. Trying to see if they fancy any hats to protect them from the heat. After paying for this transport, we are now off to see animals and enjoy family time. You can walk the whole zoo, but we have decided that it’s beneficial to have the transport for everyone. Now my second favourite part of the trip, Pagudpud beach. Hey guys, welcome back to another vlog. We’re now here at the Kapurpurawan. And we’re on our way to the lighthouse, so see you there Bantay Church, we were told that the movie Panday was shot here. Keso counter: 1 We were told to shrug off our clothing before leaving, incase something clings onto us on the way home HAHA Bangui Wind Farm, Ilocos Norte If it wasn’t so far from Manila, I would love to live here. There was not a lot of tourists, as we were very early. You can do any movements Kervs, get out. You’re not old. Tricycle ride to the most beautiful place we went to. Tada! It’s Kabigan Falls. Before arriving, we were welcomed by greens and small lakes that were surrounded the area. It was so nice. With the help of the guides, we managed to overcome slippery paths, wooden bridges and even had a stop over for some snacks! Can this get wet? – Ainz, are you going to swim? – No I want to wash my face but it looks dirty. I don’t know. Ouch. It feels like you’re swimming on ice. It’s so cold Go swim! Keso counter: 2 Uncle, it’s so cold. Ouch! – You took it off your slippers? Don’t take it off – I took it off already It’s not a photo, it’s a video It’s so cold! Me getting scared of rocks thinking they’re some sort of monsters under the water about to eat her up. Sort yourself! Maybe there were some frogs underneath. Terrified. Happy Birthday Merry Christmas – Whose birthday is it? – Huh Whose birthday? No ones You should do it like this. Like this. Me too, me too, me too Me, me, me There’s a sea monster Let’s do it at the same time Our last day in Ilocos. We went swimming at around 6am, as the beach was only behind our accommodation. It’s either you swim or sleep in. It was a hard decision for me then. Choosing swimming was the right thing to do. We interacted with small waves and cold water that morning. You’ll be colder if you don’t go in. Enjoy my roller coaster ride Music please! Ya ya ya She’s slowly deteriorating Oh, I’m also spinning Give her a second Yo! I’m alive Tired already. Very old indeed Okay, it’s your turn for the your roller coaster You got roller coaster-ed I’m so easily swept by the water. It’s irritating 4×4 experience with my cousins This is at the Paoay Sand Dunes Adventures. This adventure is definitely suited for everybody Alongside the 4×4, we also did sand boarding! It was a nice addition to the experience Enjoy watching us shake til’ we drop The drivers took some nice photos too if you wanted to claim one. Holding on for dear life… We had the same hairstyles after this The biggest drop! I kept on checking on everyone. Someone might have been left behind in the dunes HAHA If you’re still here, thank you for sticking around the great moments

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