Stylecraft Home Maintenance DIY | Water Heater

hi I'm Beth and I'm here of Colin and today we're gonna learn about maintaining your water heater this is gonna help eliminate some that sediment build oh that we give all right Colin so we're in the garage now what do I do alright so with your water heater again this is gonna build up sediment mineral deposits and all that good stuff so what we recommend is about annually you purge this which basically means weren't to take all this water and drain it out to the exterior home the process to do this is very easy you want to go to the breaker panel right here this water here for you you just want to slip that into the off position before you do anything okay correct that's right and then up here we have a red lever this is the water supply to the end if you want to pull that down into the off position for just a quarter turn correct from there the last step is simply attaching a water hose run into the down part of the driveway you want to flow it into many streets who goes into the sewer system yes and it's not gonna hurt your yard already feel like that next after that you're just gonna want to open this up and you'll hear that water starts person yep I see it okay now if you better years time this may be a little more difficult you may hear that water stop rushing out if that happens something you can do is just come back up here to the water supply turned on the water through the system all right that may help push out whatever maybe you'd walk in that hose okay but once you're done its reverse process simply turn back off all right we'll kick the water completely on okay and you want to allow this to feel completely up before you flip that breaker back on that's very important you'll stop hearing we didn't let much drain out of here but you'll stop hearing to look it'll kind of sound like so but we're actually good to flip the breaker back on because this thing's completely full so I can do the honor yes they'd let you do and you want to see the skill of all this ready actually a little harder awesome thank you

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