Stylecraft Home Maintenance DIY | Door and Lock Maintenance

hi this is Beth and I'm here with : and today he's gonna show us door and lock maintenance as your home settles some of the doors ain't not shut and closed like they used to when you moved in so these are made just little tips that you can get the doors back in action but nobody goes out okay so : what do we do when we start to notice that our door is maybe not catching correctly or jingling or something so all it's gonna be use a little adjustment that'll be needed here at this charcoal plate and there's a plate on the right yes like this catch runs into so we got a little bit of a wall over there so that tells me that I need to pull that striker plate toward the jamb so so I've removed the striker plate and now I'll just put it back where I believe it's gonna take away let's shake sign everything up so now we shouldn't have any employee oh yeah that's much better okay that's easy so basically just trying to remove it and push it more towards the jam part and if it if it was doing the opposite where it was catching you couldn't get it to lock you just move it toward you and easy peasy

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