Small Budget Indian Living Room Makeover || Timeless Homes Trendy Makeover

Small Budget Indian Living Room Makeover || Timeless Homes Trendy Makeover

Living rooms are always the center of activity. Whether it is about spending time with your
family or entertaining your guests, a living room is your center stage where the action
plays out. Welcome to the first episode of Timeless Homes,
Trendy Makeover powered by WoodenStreet. I’m Anchal Maheshwari, and today we’ll check
out some stylish ideas to give your living room a complete makeover. In the current state, this room is down to
its basics. We have a set of a 3-seater and two 1-seater
sofas and a simple coffee table. As you can see, the walls are bare and there’s
not much to even call it a living room. But before we begin, it’s time to
give a new life to this wall. We opted for a soothing blue shade with a
touch of green which goes perfectly with the blue fabric of the sofas. The sofa set is made of sheesham and is a
fusion of authentic and contemporary styles. It’s always better to complement such colours
with vibrant cushions, which bring that necessary pop of colour even to the simplest of sofas. Adding thin and light curtains is a great
way to manage the natural light that enters the room. Curtains that have light prints easily blend
with their surroundings. As you can see, these curtains also go well
with our sofa set. The coffee table is very basic
and doesn’t go well with the sofas. We removed this coffee table, added a circular
rug made from organic jute with colourful borders and introduced a new and stylish coffee
table which is ideal for our sitting arrangement. TIP: It’s better to opt for such coffee tables which
come with extra storage space, which is ideal for every Indian household. Also, if your room is small in size, it’s better to go for small rugs to make your room look spacious. The vacant sides of the 3-seater sofa can
be balanced out by using side tables. This setup not only complements the sofas
but also gives a platform to keep lamps, telephones, figurines or potted plants to give life to
these corners. The lamps are great to introduce a balance
of warm light and the green plants breathe a fresh life into your room. TIP: If you want to highlight your lamps so
that they shine out, go for contrasting shades. You can introduce an extra seat to make your
living room more functional. We experimented and went with a floral lounge
chair along with a matching pouffe, which also becomes the focal point of the room. You can also experiment in such a way by introducing
a lounge or a wingback chair. TIP: If your sofa sets are in solid colours,
you can complement them with a floral lounge chair, and vice versa. An empty wall is like a blank canvass, waiting
to reflect your personal taste. You can hang wall paintings on your bare walls, just the way we decorated the wall behind the 3-seater. Here, we used thin frames with floral paintings, which give a bold yet light impression on the wall. TIP: You can play with the arrangement of
these frames according to their size and prints. You can utilize a corner by using a display
unit, just the way we’ve used a foldable unit here. This display unit will give you a platform
to keep your photo frames, some figurines, books and small planters. In short, anything that brings your personal
touch to the room. As you can see, our living room has become
lively and happening. It is now the perfect place to have fun with
friends and family. Each element we introduced complements the
other and is also a reflection of personal taste. Our homes reflect our personalities, and therefore,
it is important that we shape the interiors according to our preferences. In the end, your home should feel like a place
where you belong. We hope you enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and also
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