Small Apartment Space home tour | Interior design ideas (Bangkok)

we are visiting Bangkok right now and we are actually staying in a really cute little apartment that we thought we wanted to show you guys it is I think around 400 square feet 40 square meters and it has been optimized a lot and I love it right there's the entrance and right when you come in there's the kitchen area and you can see that it's been filled out to accommodate laundry area that's really nice to have your own laundry facilities in your apartment even in a small space so it is doable over here there's dish racks for drying I've never seen them mounted like this before right over the sink they usually just stand on the counter top but this frees up space on the counters for cooking over here is it cooktop it's a two burner and it's usually what you need when you live in a city apartment some people do cook a lot but a lot of people also go out to eat a lot which is one of the big benefits of living in a big city check out this cutting board I've never seen that before it puts on it's magnetic and then you just take it off you're ready to cut I think that's fantastic like this and it's all gone that's perfect over here there's more storage mounted on the mirrors over here above the counter there is a lot of storage and you can see that it's two different kinds of ends at the zoo that the apartment came with this and then they added in peace overhead compartments and it looks great there is a lot of storage I don't think they're saying you think in there now floors all the way that's pretty nice personal space I actually find that a lot of times people who live in a small space they put in so much storage and they actually don't even need all of it good luck here there's a small school you can stand on it to reach up here but I'm really tall so I can I can reach it without but I guess most people would need it check this out this whole wall is covered by mirrors and there's actually nothing behind here this is the Wardrobe from amid the walkin but these two they open up and there's a normal depth storage in there it's only these that's pretty cool and I like how they actually put mirrors on the whole wall just to get lighting right here is the living area and there's a couch which is very comfortable and it's all you need to hang out this counts even folks out to sleeping so you pull it out I'll of this couch and then you just push it in it might not be the most comfortable bed but it's a good way to fit one or two extra guests never Livius space watched I love the balcony check it out this is a pretty nice place to sit and work in my opinion it's nice when you have a small space that you do what you can with it this couldn't be a very boring space but it's been designed really well it even has a small fence on the edge of the grass I love that let's check out the bedroom it's right through here and it's kind of incredible because it uses a lot of glass in Europe so even though the space isn't so big it feels like you can walk around a lot visit you're in the shower it has these blinds that you can pull up if you want to enjoy the view out when you're showering so I can walk through here this walkin actually is a bit of a luxury in a small space but it's pretty well outlined so and it's amazing to fit so big a closet in a small apartment though this is all of the closet space and then you walk through the bathroom it's a nice size and it's a nice design and it comes of course with the medicine cabinet also with the mirrors in the back they've dumped a lot in the design here to use the glass and the mirrors and everything to make the light go all the way into the apartment and just reflect every surface so it seems bigger there's a normal sized bed and over here small cupboards and it's not more than maybe four inches deep ten centimeters but it's perfect and it gives you that extra space for small stuff and they go all the way from the ceiling all the way down to the floor they actually manage to fit a desk in here and I think they've done it in a great way because they use use a glass desk look at this it doesn't visually take up any space in the room but it gives you a work surface and it's right by the windows up it has great light that's it I hope you enjoyed this Bangkok urban style apartment and I'll see you next time

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