Sharps – A ThatBeardedGuy independent review of their bespoke bedroom furniture – Extended Version

Sharps – A ThatBeardedGuy independent review of their bespoke bedroom furniture – Extended Version

Hi guys! How you doing? My name’s Ben,
I’m that beard guy and today, rather a reviewing a product I’m going to
actually review a service and that’s service of sharps. Now we recently, well I
say recently as it was about twelve months ago now, we recently had some bedroom
furniture bespoke installed into our bedroom
Now you’re currently watching the long review video so it’s a comprehensive
overview of the process starting from the design visit right through to delivery,
assembly, and the finished product after many months of using it I’ll give you a
bit of information, a bit of my opinion of what I feel if however you’d rather see
the short review video where I summarized everything in around about
two minutes then just click on that link above that’ll take you straight to the
video but if not stick around and let’s get on with the review. So the first part of talk about is the design visit now we had the design visit after emailing in
and asking for someone to come and visit our house so then get a bit more
information and find out exactly what our options were. Now that design visit
wasn’t we’ve scheduled it for a Saturday morning and it took around about two
hours very nice fellow came he was obviously a Salesman so straight away on
the defensive because he wants my money and I want his his bedroom furniture but
I want for a good price so he came around he measured up the bedroom where
we wanted the the Wardrobe to be fitted and he showed us he sat there in front
of us and actually physically drew out the plans and he made sure that we knew
exactly what our options were in terms of the design, specifications, what the
measurements were and what options we had in terms of the configuration of the
shelving units so whenever we whenever we wanted something he’d get a rubber
out take it away or get rid of it and change it based on what exactly we
wanted now well she came it to talking about how it looks he had the sample packs just a little bits of product where it’s cut into small
little squares so you can’t really get an idea of exactly what it was going to
look like but there was a very comprehensive brochure so you could sort
of mix and match your ideas and sort of color schemes things like that now we
were actually going for a full bedroom rebuild at the time, a complete renovation;
new carpets, new painted the walls and had this installed and everything so it
was really important to kind of configure it in the right order now when
it came to that we had to make sure we had the carpets the new carpets fitted
after the the wardrobes were delivered and fitted reason being is that it’s
easier for a carpenter…. a carpenter… no! carpenters deal with wood! A
carpet fitter to install the carpet after the wardrobe so there we go.
Now during the visit, like I said he’s a Salesman he’s after my money and I’m
after his product at a decent price so I’m not gonna reveal the price
just yet leave that till the end of the review but I think you’ll be surprised
just how much it cost I was certainly shocked I was there with my wife she had
a good idea but she didn’t let on that she knew exactly what it would cost or a
roundabout figure there was me thinking maximum couple of thousand pounds…. I was
way off absolutely way off! So the design visit
he came measured up drew the plans and then gave us a figure now one
important thing to note is much like anything you can haggle with them we
went on the on the Black Friday code so we had I can’t know how much it was off
it’s around about 10-15 percent something like that so we gave him that
that code and he applied that straight away he then added a couple more
discounts to it so in my opinion the price is very negotiable they’ll have a
threshold as to what they can go to but it was still a lot of money so stay
tuned for the reveal on the end! Now following the design visit it was
about six to eight weeks before the units were delivered and then installed.
We opted for that sort of eight week period at the top end of the timescales because we
wanted to get Christmas and New Year out the way before we did a sort of redecoration,
so that was the timescales that we were looking at and about five days before
they were due for fitment the delivery came which dropped off absolutely everything, all the wood, all the doors, all the bits and pieces that they needed to design it.
So when she came to installation then the fella arrived and he was scheduled
over a three day period the Monday Tuesday Wednesday he was complete by
about two and a half days and he just spent all day up there from about half
eight until five o’clock banging away and fitting everything and drawing up anyway,
at the end of that two and a half days our units were complete and I was happy!
The one thing I will mention about it is that all the bits that were left over
all the offcuts of wood bits and pieces will put into a rubble sack and left for
me to dispose off which wasn’t overly pleased about certainly if you pay this much
money you don’t need after hassle you just want to have the product finished
and so I had to get rid of those myself taken down to the tip get rid of them.
Now the other thing I’ll mentioned afterwards it was only about two weeks
after they were fitted I noticed that some of the doors had been damaged now I
don’t know whether that was caused when the guys were delivering them or
sometimes during manufacture but the doors there was some damage to the doors
so we immediately got on the phone to sharps and let them know about it and within
about four weeks we had new doors fitted and on no problem there was no qualms no
quibbles about getting rid of them and replacing them so I was happy with
that. The other thing I mentioned about the installation was that there are
still markings on the walls so where the the guy who fit in it has marked up all
the places where it’s going to put the joints there’s still the pencil marks on
the wall so you just need a quick rubber afterwards go around give them a good
dust and they clean because they don’t give him a dust down afterwards so
there’s all the all the materials left and the dust and stuff left on the room
so after the installation then I had a good look around and I was pleasantly
surprised as to the quality of everything was fitted absolutely perfect absolutely
nail perfect, but there was one thing I will mention and that is that there are
no interior wooden panels it is just bare wall so behind the doors where
they’re screwed into the walls it just screws directly into the wood and
there’s no internal panels unless we’re talking about the ones in between each individual
compartment and I was a bit surprised about that I thought that there would be
sort of back panel was just like an regular wardrobe in
actual fact there aren’t so actually it’s just bare wall behind now had I
known that beforehand then I might have considered getting a professional
plasterer in and rather than doing it myself because actually had to rip an old
built-in wardrobe out so half of the wall came down had a go at plastering myself
so a couple of considerations after I’ve used them for about a year now
is that one thing I wish I really wish I’d considered a bit more was the
positioning of the the Wardrobe so I’ve got my wardrobe and it’s directly next
to my wife’s and then we’ve got our shoe rack and then we’ve got sort of bed
linen towels and things at the far end the problem is having his and hers next
to each other is that when I want to be in my wardrobe she can’t be in hers and
vice versa so really wish i’d positioned those at opposite ends of the room it
would’ve made life a whole lot easier when we’re both trying to get changed
together okay guys welcome to the bedroom so I’m
here to show you the sharps furniture that we’ve had installed so as you can
see we’ve selected the four panel doors so we decided for grey top and bottom
and then this sort of smoked mirrored glass for the two centre panels now you
can have these in one single panel, two panel, three panel, wherever you
like they go all the way up so I think about eight if I’m ever rightly and but
we chose the four panel design really happy with it it looks fantastic and
easy to clean the mirrors are a little bit more difficult but what I’ll say
this is rather than just using traditional polish just go with the dry
cloth and it gets rid of all the marks and bits and pieces and a lot easier
than if you start trying to chase all the smears around the glass so that’s my
first point. Second point we have selected so actually with the room
before if I show you the before picture I’ll show the …. well you see now (the after) here it’s right now but essentially the before and after we had
an in-built old it was probably 70s or so in built wardrobe on the right hand
side and then in the center here there’s a chimney breast now to my right-hand
side your left then there was built in wardrobe which works or 90s so we ripped
absolutely everything out, tore it all out and the problem was that we had
the chimney breast just behind here so what we opted for was a shallow shelf
cupboard so if I open this up at the moment through the sliding doors, open that up and as you can see we’ve selected these these shallows so that’s
the chimney breast there that’s the actual wall just like I mentioned
earlier the fact is there is no wooden backing to the wardrobes just the
bits which separate either side of the Wardrobe that is wood and right in the
back is just the wall so there we’ve gone for the for the shallow shelves and
we’ve used these for shoe racks, makeup, watches and bits and pieces I really
thought was going to be a problem I thought we’re not gonna get enough room
actually they pulled it out they just made a little bit further out just to
make sure because I’ve got size 11 feet so my shoes are quite a lot bigger than
my wife’s so we need that extra room so they just punched out a little bit it’s
really surprised that the feel of the room I thought it was gonna really cut a
lot of room off but actually it doesn’t having this whole wall devoted to this
wardrobe is absolutely fantastic now each these doors are these sliding
doors with the with the slow stoppers on them so if I just give this a pull…. no
that’s the wrong door this is one of the other problems is the doors overlap each
other so this door this is the far right-hand door that will actually keep
on going all the way through so sometimes if you don’t keep track of the
doors you can end up just having a play with them so that’s the far right door
this is the door i meant to close to see as I close it they’re soft close so you don’t
get those hard sort of bangs when the doors stop, nice soft closing, fantastic! So
when we talk about the workmanship then as I mentioned it took him about two and
a half days to fit this entire thing one person two long days to get complete so
the workmanship however is absolutely phenomenal in the corners where the
where the Wardrobe or the wood meets the skirting board which isn’t your
traditional standard than the skirting board it’s got a shape of pattern to it
and so actually he’s managed to fit in really well there is some residual
sealant there just left which makes it look a bit it’s small bit unfinished but
I’m quite happy with it’s not something I notice and but only when I was making
this video and just showing you the little intricate bits that’s what I sort
of picked up on on that they were about residues left. So
as price the reveal of the price the total that I paid well before they
applied the discounts during the initial design visit and came to just over seven
thousand pounds so it needless to say I was absolutely blown away seven thousand
pounds is a lot of money to pay for a wardrobe however we did the Black Friday
deal and the extra discounts that he applied on top of that so the grand
total came to about four thousand eight hundred pounds now obviously that’s a
lot of money to spend on a wardrobe however in hindsight now I’m actually
really happy with them the quality is absolutely phenomenal no longer am I
gonna have that problem with cheaper wardrobes where you put something in the
drawer and the bottom of the drawer falls out or you could put something in
make the cupboard you shut the door and suddenly it pops out the back all that
sort of cheap wood that you get MDF material that’s that’s all gone it’s all
good quality stuff I’m really pleased with it so throughout the process as
sharps have been absolutely fantastic both in the initial consultation the
design visit, the saleman that came to visit us right through to delivery and
fitment as well I’ve had absolutely zero problems like said earlier with the
damaged or no quibbles no qualms they just accept it got the new ones in and got them
fitted within a few weeks so really happy with that yes the price is a bit more
expensive but you do get the twelve year guarantee with everything that’s fitted
so I’m very happy that they’re gonna last me a good twenty five to thirty
years, if there are any probelms in the next twelve years and I know exactly who to
call and they will be dealt with effectively
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answer the question thanks again for watching and I’ll see you next time


  • Gaz D

    January 24, 2019

    Interesting video. Did you approach any other companies for a quote? I work for a bespoke bedroom furniture in the South East . For what you paid, you could have got a full carcass system, soft close and better quality furniture/panels & better fitting quality – and all delivered/fitted in one day.

  • Freya Stewart

    March 26, 2019

    This videos really helpful and it helped me decide what I wanted from Sharp, what’s the best decisions and all that but I would have liked it more if there was pictures throughout the video even if it’s not pictures of your room, just ones online etc

  • Richard Wilson

    April 20, 2019

    What grey did you go for ? Top
    And bottom panels. Is it the glass or the solid ? Thanks

  • IA IK

    May 20, 2019

    They gave me a quote for a 4 m long wardrobe for 5000 pounds and that’s just with hanging rails.


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