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today we are on our way to visit upholstery by George which is my upholstery shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn we are crossing the famous 59th Street bridge that connects all our burrows together I am Maxine Schreiber founder of simply decorate simply decorate is an online interior design site we design your space for 179 dollars you get a 2d plan a 3d plan and a shopping list we are now getting off the bqe in Williamsburg besides my upholstery and other businesses the famous art college Pratt Institute is here situated in Williamsburg everyone is into the Pratt school including this car service we are now entering George's factory where I am looking to okay some of my projects that are being delivered in fact this is one of the ones that are being delivered tomorrow let's look at the process this couch is now in muslin the tufting and all the details are being done prior to upholstery these legs are raw now they need to be stained but they are all hand tooled the arms have been stuffed with dacron and to be made round and full we are now in the wood carving section this chair is being made as a reproduction from an original retro chair if you look at this chair it has many many details but the chair that they are making is following exactly and is being made in multiples everything starts with a solid piece of wood take this would this was put together and then it's being carved and this is one of the chairs also which is a detail chair that they're working on I'm following George now to our tooling area as we're passing these are some of the stained basis for a couch and then over here if you if I can get in here between George okay these are all the different legs and bun feet and everything that any designer can dream about and this is where it's all made this man by the way I've seen him work from scratch he's amazing now he's putting it into the machine over here and he's tightening it up so he can tool and make the square edge round now this is some of the tools over here that he uses and he sands it down he scrapes it then he smoothes it these are some of the detailed legs that he has completed which is beyond amazing if you think about it this is one this is another one it's it's really quite an art we are upstairs now at one of the finished carved chairs this is sitting here ready to be reupholstered but let's move forward and this is another one of the couches right over here that is ready to be delivered it was a frumpy old couch and now we gave it a dressmaker skirt which is really stunning if you look over here and we added some stuffing for the arm making a little bit rounder and then if you come around the front to me here is the cushions now if you notice we added some filling to it so you've got a nice rounded curve to it so it's called a crown now this is a good basis for all of our couches it's the webbing this is all done in natural flax and this is all hand done come over here this is another interesting thing they're making a home mattress this mattress is going to sit on a sleeper couch now the man here he's doing all the sewing and the other man behind him is putting in the pin so you can see exactly where he has to put his needle in so if we watch him he's going to take this needle and he's going to push it through now let me see if you could see that right here he's pushing it through it's a curved needle so it is easy for him to get it through pull it tight and his stitches complete we are now in the sewing room in fact this woman is finishing the cover for the cushions downstairs on my couch that's being delivered tomorrow she has some pillows that she is completed that are going to be thrown on it and over here this other woman is making the piping that goes on the other couch that I did with the dressmaker skirt now all designers what we do from the very beginning is over here we send in off fabrics with all our drawings all our details of what we want him to make George cat arises it puts it into numbers and everything coordinates now over here is a woman who's making drapes the most important thing about drapes is that your seams flow with the design so she has to match her patent and mattress seems perfectly I am Maxine Schreiber founder of simply decorate I hope you enjoyed this little insight to interior design we are now on our way back to the city not that I don't love Brooklyn but we are going back to New York so have a nice day and we'll see you very soon

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  • bob polo

    April 15, 2019

    kinda sad you refer to these people as either man or woman, considering the fact that they're creating your nice if you knew their real names


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